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How should the Career Objective show up on a Teacher’s Resume?

♣Tip: When it comes to resume sample for a Teacher, an impactful Career Objective is a one paragraph snapshot of

  • Where are you coming from?
  • Where are you heading?
  • What are your key strengths?

Career Objective Example

A Teacher with an eternal ability to relate effectively to students of diverse cultural backgrounds and who is adept at tailoring teaching methods to suit their individual needs. As a Teacher, I leave no stone unturned in implementing innovative programs and activities that encourage students to participate willingly and with sheer enthusiasm.

The Right Way of nailing a Profile Synopsis!

♣Tip: As far as a resume for a Teacher is concerned, a profile synopsis is a glimpse of experience, expertise & achievements, in a bullet points format.

Profile Synopsis Example for a Teacher’s resume

  • A dedicated, resourceful and innovative Teacher with a total of about _ years of teaching experience and who strives to help students change marginal grades into good grades.
  • Adept at promoting intellectual growth by building an atmosphere of mutual respect as well as open communication.
  • Thorough experience of using interactive discussions to help students learn and apply concepts in subjects.
  • Proficient in developing operational policies, systems & controls, motivational schemes and educational standards.
  • Possess a proactive attitude and capable of thinking in & out of the box in going the extra mile to train the future of the nation.

What all Functional Skills be included in resume format for Teachers?

♣Tip: Functional Skills are nothing but a dozen of most relevant keywords related to the job of a Teacher. Bullet points format is recommended. Doing so will get your resume shortlisted for the job of a Teacher by ATS or Application Tracking System. You may also make functional skills eye catchy (for a human reader) by highlighting them in bold.

Functional Skills Example

  • Teaching
  • Educational Assessment
  • Classroom Presentation
  • Student Relations
  • Questionnaire Setup
  • Syllabus Preparation
  • Rapport Building with Students, Parents & Colleagues.
  • Performance Reports Preparation
  • Parents Teacher Meetings
  • School Event Management

What are the Duties/Key Result Areas of a Teacher?

♣Tip: The language of your roles & responsibilities or KRA speak volume about your attitude and communication skills. Grammatical errors, monotonous and ordinary sentence construction, etc may, in turn, turn out to be a turn off for the hirer.

Duties/Key Result Areas Example

  • As a Teacher, my primary responsibility is to motivate and stimulate the learning abilities of the students.
  • Devising and presenting visual aids and teaching resources for a clear understanding of topics.
  • Inculcating a sense of curiosity in students’ for a better assimilation of the subject.
  • Working in sync with colleagues, parents & teaching assistants to plan and facilitate the academic program.
  • Observing, assessing and recording each student’s progress.
  • Keeping up to date with changes in the curriculum specified by the educational board.
  • Observing teaching methods & examining learning materials to evaluate and standardise curriculum as well as teaching techniques, and to determine areas of improvement.
  • Collaborating with HOD and other teachers to develop and maintain curriculum standards and set performance goals and objectives.
  • Rendering counseling to students regarding academic issues related to the subject.
  • Assisting administration in organising conferences, seminar and workshop.
  • Nurturing development of students’ personal, social and mental abilities.

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