Presenting The Best Job Portal In India

Best Job Portal in India

India is a country of endless opportunities. You’ll find job options in almost every nook and corner of the urban India, or better say the best of India when it comes to private sector employment.

Food for thought before elucidating the best job portal in India

Lion’s share of job search websites bill employers for posting a job. Hirers even get billed for accessing resume database or for contacting a candidate through the pool. How many firms would want to invest a major chunk of profit on paying and posting jobs almost everywhere?

At the end, the probability of finding jobs online on a given job portal depends on whether a recruiter agreed to pay for posting a job. If hirers were to pull your resume out of database and contact you first, expect only those to contact you who paid to access database. Why should you suffer because of no monetary exchange between so called best job portals in India and employers/consultancies?

What makes Jobstagram a promisingly best job search portal?

As a job search (and resume search) website, Jobstagram aims at rendering a congenial environment to all of its employer users by letting them access online resume database as well as post a job for free. Rather, unlimited jobs for free!

Giving wings to job publishers and that too without charging a penny will ultimately get you quite a lot of opportunities in very near future.

The average cost of publishing a job in India varies between Rs 700-1500. Which recruiter in India would mind recruiting for free? That too amidst a seemingly economic slowdown in India.

Are job seekers supposed to pay then?

Hell no! Jobstagram neither charges for applying to jobs in India nor for posting them. In simple words, it is free for both, employers and job seekers.(However, activating online resume boost involves a fee. But, that’s optional. Certainly not mandatory)

Other great features of this top job portal website

UI/UX (User Interface/Experience)

There are two kinds of job portals. Some get their design and algorithm finalised prior to launching. Once launched, they’ll be reluctant to making changes.

The other kind, like Jobstagram, is designed and developed based on user analytics, their experience on the portal and intent, over a period of time.

All the page actions are under one menu, positioned at the top. Self explanatory pages with no techy jargon. Simple to use and assimilate even for the first-timers!

Not to forget, reading will be easy on the eyes too. Thanks to the consideration of color mechanics pivoting around a very delicate sense organ.

Get Motivated

Each time you choose to visit arguable the best job portal in India, a real life inspirational quote or suggestion will calm you amidst a rat race in life! If stress is a dark cloud, this job portal will turn out to be a silver lining.

No Registration Needed

If you’re a job searcher, simply submitting your online resume for the first time on this portal will get your account created too. However, if you’re a recruiter, posting your first job will create your employer account. You’ll then get free access to resume database added onto your recruiter account.

Job Applications

Should you choose to apply for jobs on this top job search website in India, your detailed application will be sent to the employers’ email inbox within a few seconds. The mail will have all the necessary snippets and details which hirers look for before deciding on personal interview invitation. So when you hear them back, most likely it’s going to be an interview call, and not just an information seeking call.

Job Notifications

We understand that it’s not possible for you to keep moving back and forth on this portal for new jobs. And so, filling up a job alert form will trigger a digest of relevant jobs, once every 4th day. The title and the city you choose to enter while configuring the job alert will be matched stringently with new jobs. So don’t get surprised if you get 100% relevant job notifications. Easy as you like it!

Get Contacted Even Without Applying

Along with letting talent acquisition professionals to post jobs for free on this top job search site in India, they also get a free access to online resume database as well. If your resume is a part of the database, the hirers will be the first ones to contact you via email.

Your Privacy

This top job search portal is quite serious about leaving no stone unturned in beefing up its users’ privacy. Here comes top 5 privacy measures taken on the best job portal in India.

Your phone number will only be shared when you apply for jobs. If you did not apply for a job and its publisher finds your online resume in the database, he or she will be able to contact you only over the e-mail. So expect no surprising phone calls out of the blue.

Online resume database is password protected.

Non employers or other applicants will not be granted access to your email address.

Your picture will be resized to a micro photograph. Employers will be able to get a rough idea about your facial structure. But, if they try maximising your pic, it will get blurred. Not only this, it cannot be saved or copied.

Confidential information like your salary expectations, notice period, etc will not be showed up publicly on your online resume. Rather, those critical information will only be shared with those where you choose to apply.

We never ask for sensitive information like Date of Birth or ID Card at any stage. We understand that these information are extremely confidential and should continue to be so.

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