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FAQs ~ Free job posting for Employers

Is posting a job really free?

Oh Yes! On Jobstagram, we mean what we say. No hidden fees. Jobstagram is a 100% free job posting site for hirers. We aim at being your best bet to advertising jobs for free.

Can I post multiple job openings online for free?

Sure thing! You can recruit as many staff as you need by posting jobs for free. Free Trial lets you post 4 jobs for free. Best part is, free trial can be taken multiple times, in fact, the trial can be availed for any number of times.

Is there any upper limit to the number of free online job postings?

For now, there is no limit. You can post any number of jobs for free. A cap may come into being in future. Not in near future for sure. Till that time, attract candidates by posting jobs for free.

Will my free job postings go live immediately?

No. All your free job ads will first be reviewed before they begin to show up on Jobstagram jobs page.

How will I know if my free job posting is approved?

You’ll get an e-mail when your free online job posting gets activated.

Are you just a job board with free job advertisement or do you’ve a CV database as well?

Both former and latter. Once you post your first listing on this free job posting site for recruiters, you’ll get a free access to online resume database as well.

How many CVs can I access in the database after posting my first job advertisement online?

Good news again! Just like you can post as many free jobs as you need to as a busy employer, likewise for accessing resume database as well. No cap at the moment.

How much time will it take for my free job posting to get approved?

Within a minute maximum. In most cases, majority of jobs you would choose to post on Jobstagram should get activated in a few seconds and begin to show up on the front end to job seekers.

What’re the possible reasons due to which free job posting account may get terminated?

If we doubt the authenticity of any free job post, the account may get terminated.

For example:

If a hirer posted a job for free, but used an unofficial email address or a personal one, his free job ad may get rejected.

Another example:

Let’s say an employer used an official e-mail address, but does not verify it by setting up the employer account password. The posted job may never get approved.

Last example:

Let us say a recruiter posts a free job in minutes. But, the uploaded logo was a blurred image. Also in this case, the free job ad may get declined. Last, but not the least, if a free job posting was filled carelessly with grammatical or language errors, the free job posting may get rejected.

Why is the free job posting review process so strict?

Free services often get prone to be misused by evil minds. We would hate to encourage them.

Which all countries can post jobs for free?

Here comes a list of major ones. Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Canada, England, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Wales, and Zimbabwe.

But, my country isn’t included in the list. Can I still post a job for free?

As long as English is spoken in your country on professional terms, you can post a job for free. Need not worry if you could not find your country in the list above. Begin posting your first job by scrolling to the top and filling up the free job posting form.

*Remember, free trial can let you submit upto four job postings for free. A good thing is, free trial can be taken multiple times. At the moment, there is no limit to number of free jobs you can post on Jobstagram as there is no limit to the number of free trials as well.