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As an avid recruiter, you may well be searching a website to post a job for free with no pricing catch. Congrats & Eureka! You just found the perfect free job posting site. Jobstagram is a 100% free job posting site for hirers. We aim at being your best bet to advertising jobs for free.


How to post a job for free?

On this free job posting site, you’ll set yourself up at the receiving end of applications from job searchers with serious intent by being able to post any number of jobs for free. Moreover, using this portal is a sheer cakewalk.

3 Easy steps to post a job for free

  1. Just choose “New User? | Post a job” option from the top menu or scroll to the top of this page.
  2. Fill up the free job posting form.
  3. Submit to post a job for free.

*Please note that if you already have a free job posting account with us, you may want to choose the option from the top menu which says “Have an account? | Log in”. You’ll also find this option at the top of this page, just before the job posting form begins.

How to sign up on this free job posting site?

No separate sign up is required for talent acquisition professionals. Once you begin to post a job for free, your free job posting account will also get configured simultaneously.

Once I post a job for free, how much time will it take for it to get published?

Voila! All your free job postings will get approved in real time. Need not wait even for a minute! Waiting is a wastage of time. Isn’t it?

How many free job postings am I entitled to?

Another good news! You can post multiple jobs for free. In fact, no limit at all. Once you’ll start to post a job for free, you’ll need to opt for a free trial. It will let you post upto four jobs for free. The best part is, free trial can be repeated limitlessly. In a nutshell, as an HR Executive, you can post unlimited jobs for free.

Does this free job posting site allow only one account per organization?

No way! Exactly like there is no limit when you choose to post jobs for free, likewise goes for multiple accounts from the same firm. All your colleagues from human resource management can begin to post a job for free.

What if I post a job for free and my co-worker also posts exactly the same job?

Even though it’s a free job posting site, we have zero tolerance policy for duplicate jobs. We expect you to coordinate within your team and allocate total number of job descriptions uniquely to the team members. Duplicate jobs may result in the removal of free job posting account.

Is it only meant to post a job for IT/Software? Or can I post Non IT jobs for free as well?

Jobstagram is one of the best free job posting sites which lets you post jobs for any job role under the blue sky. Be it IT, Non IT or anything.

Does this free job posting site also support fresher jobs?

You can for sure post a job for free, not just for seeking experienced profiles, but for hiring newbies (or freshers) in the industry as well.

What all information are needed to post a job for free?


Why do I need to specify Salary, Shift timings and Weekly offs on this free job posting site?

Obviously you don’t want a deal breaker to drop down later. When HR Managers receive applications, they assume that the applicants are genuinely interested. This assumption may get a hit if candidates are not aware of the salary, shift timing and weekly off. For a fair share of job searchers, these information stand critical before they decide to apply. Why miss on mentioning them right at the start, that is, while posting a job for free?

How effective is to post a job for free on this platform?

We understand that being able to post a job for free is a job half done. You would also be expecting reasonably good number of applications as well. Whenever a new job seeker signs up, one of us configure job alert notifications for him based on titles of interest and experience.

Once you post a job for free, the link of your free job posting will automatically be emailed to the right set of candidates. They just need to access their email & click on apply. Easy like Sunday morning!

How will I receive applications through this free job posting site?

When you post a job for free, it will be e-mailed to the job seekers with likewise experience. Once they apply, you’ll get their original resume file in your email inbox. The format could be pdf or doc.

What percentage of genuine applications can I anticipate if I post a job for free on this site?

Well, 100% of the applications will be authentic on the free job posting site you’re on at this point of time. All the candidates get verified before they could successfully apply for jobs. Not only will the applicants turn out to be genuine, but they’ll also possess a serious job search intent. Don’t get surprised if you witness almost null ‘no show’ in later rounds of interview, if shortlisted here.

Will there be any limit to the number of applications for my free job posting on this site?

We would hate to limit number of applications coming your way when you choose to post a job for free. Be assured of receiving applications from all the job seekers who clicked the apply button.

What if the same candidate applies multiple times if I post a job for free?

Exactly like we have zero tolerance policy for duplicate jobs on this free job posting site, we don’t entertain duplicate applications as well. The algorithm of this free job advertisement site will not allow the same applicant to apply twice, come what may!

I used this free job posting site a few days ago, but I’m yet to receive any application. What should I do?

First things first, you need to ascertain if nobody applied to your free job posting. Check the spam folder of your registered email account. If you find the applications reaching junk, save no-reply[at]jobstagram[.]com as a contact of your e-mail account. In future, all applications should reach your inbox.

However, if you find none in the junk folder, it means nobody applied for your job listing. In other words, your free job posting must not be attaining a top rank when job searchers search for likewise jobs. You should edit your free job posting and add some profile or industry related keywords.

Last but not the least, each time you decide to post a job for free, share its link on other professional/social networks to attract some quick traffic & possibly applications too.

What if I don’t want to post a job, but rather wish to reach candidates proactively through resume database?

Once you post a job for free for the first time, you’ll also unlock access to online resume database. You may choose to approach the job seekers directly without having to post a job. Just like it’s a free job posting site, it’s a free resume database too.

I’m not a direct employer, can I still use this free job posting site?

Absolutely! Even as a recruitment consultant from some manpower firm, you can still post a job for free. You’ll also have access to all other features rendered to direct recruitment representatives from the company.

I represent a recruitment/manpower consultancy, while posting a job for free, should I use the logo of my client?

Well, ideally you should be using your consultancy’s logo on this free job posting site. But, if you’ve a written permission from your client, you may use their logo. If you do, suffix “consultancy” or “manpower firm” under bracket to your full name on the free job posting form.

ExampleFull Name: John Smith (Manpower Consultancy)

For how many days will my free job posting show up?

Once you post a job for free, it will be live for the next 45 days. On the 46th day, it will get expired and will not show up in job search performed by candidates.

I just got done with posting a job for free. However, I forgot to add something. How can I edit it?

Editing an already posted job on this free job posting site is real easy! Pounce on “Manage jobs & applications” option in the top menu. You’ll reach the job dashboard page. On this page, you’ll find the list of your free job postings. Next, hover on the title of your job posting which you intend to edit. You will find the option to to edit, mark filled & delete.

In case you’re on a portable device, soft touch on the title of your job posting to find ‘edit’, ‘mark filled’ and ‘delete’ options.

Can I copy job description from an external file and paste it into the free job posting form?

While you begin to post a job for free, you’ll find an option called “job details”. Simply copy the job description from doc or pdf file and paste it under job details section. Please note, you may need to align bullet points manually at times.

Should I use my official email address or the personal one in order to post a job for free?

You must use your official e-mail address on this free job posting site. This way, you’ll gain confidence of job applicants as a genuine recruiter.

I’m not able to open the resume file attached to the e-mail application sent by this free job posting site. What should I do?

If you’re not able to open one or two resume files, most likely the issue would be with those respective files. They may be corrupt or incompatible to your office application (e.g. Microsoft Office, Lotus, etc)

However, if the issue persists with all of the resume files, you may want to restart your computer. Then, re-launch the office software. Try downloading it again, followed by opening the file. You should be able to view resume files.

If you still get no success, you may want to upload the file on Google drive and use their file viewer.

Can you please share a golden tip to possibly increase number of applications after I post a job for free?

We’ll be more than happy to share it with you. Before throwing light on that one tip on this free job posting site, let’s first dive into the basics of job search algorithm. Job searchers will search using a title which pops up in their heads. However, you may have mentioned the other version of the same job title. As a result, your free job posting may not show up.

Tip: Make use of ‘title synonyms’ on the job posting form. Mention at least 3-4 ‘also knows as’ names for the job title you may be headhunting for.

Example 1: Let’s say, you need somebody to handle the reception.

Job Title: Receptionist

Title Synonyms: Front Office Executive, Front Office Manager, Office Assistant

In the above example, candidates who would be searching for any of the title synonyms specified above, will reach your free job posting even though they may not have searched for the title of your free job posting.

Example 2: This time around, let’s just say that you’re looking for a Sales Manager.

Job Title: Sales Manager

Title Synonyms: Area Sales Manager, Territory Sales Manager, sales and Marketing Manager, Corporate Sales Manager

So once you start to post a job for free, ensure to make use of synonyms section given on the free job posting form. This way, your job listing will have a bigger audience and hence plenty of applications.

Once I post a job for free, will it show up on Google job search?

Oh yes! Whenever you make use of this free job posting site, google search for jobs will get notified in real time. Your job listing may begin to show up there within a few minutes. To verify, post a job for free on Jobstagram, then visit google and search for your job listing.

For example:

Let’s say, you posted a job on Jobstagram for the position of an Executive Assistant in City X

Google: Executive Assistant Jobs in X

Tip: You may want to use freshness filter to find your free job posting quicker. Also, don’t forget to use ‘also known as’ names for executive assistant under synonyms section while posting a job for free. Example: Administrative Assistant, Secretary

Where can I find terms & conditions for using this free job posting site?

By choosing to post a job for free, we expect you to agree to the terms. You may access it by visiting terms of service page.

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