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Jobstagram is a top class portal for posting jobs for free. Post your free job right away & dive in a pool of applications from candidates you can count on. In a layman’s language, ‘NO last moment NO from applicants.

Post a job for free and recruit job seekers from every nook and corner of ‘Incredible India’. Hirers can submit job listings for free & hire as many staffs as they may need without getting billed at all.

However, Jobstagram leaves no stone unturned in first moderating, and then possibly approving only authentic jobs. This free job posting site is more suited to talent acquisition professionals with a serious intent of headhunting.

Once you post a job for free, you’ll unlock an instant access to the online resume database. Single click contact will make life so easy for you as a recruiter.

Who said ‘free’ and ‘quality’ don’t go hand in hand? On Jobstagram, you’ll have a pro experience for FREE.

Why is Jobstagram free to post jobs?

Needless to say, Covid 19 shook the corporate economy too. Employers & recruitment consultancies are anticipated to press the cost cutting pedal in 2020-21 which is where Jobstagram evolves as a boon! It’s surely one of the best free job posting sites in India, if not the best.

What’s so special about posting free jobs on Jobstagram?

Applicants through Jobstagram will exhibit a blend of ‘serious job search intent’. Needless to say, we strive to help you get greater ROI of efforts as a human resource professional.

Secondly, we try motivating job seekers, each time they choose to visit Jobstagram. As a result, expect them to sound vibrant & enthusiastic.

How to post a job for free?

Navigate to the top menu, followed by choosing job posting option..

Next, you will be taken to the free job posting form. Once you fill it up, move to STEP 2 of 4. You must finish STEP 4 for a successful submission of job listing approval request.

What’s next after I post my first job for free?

In simple words, algorithm of Jobstagram is easy like Sunday morning! As an employer or a manpower consultant, you will begin by submitting your first free job posting. Next, email notifications will be sent to candidates whose online resume is in sync with your job description. Then, they will land on your free job advertisement and possibly a click on ‘apply’ button from genuine job searchers. Bingo! You get their application in your email inbox. (only if you add no-reply[AT]jobstagram[dot]com as a contact of your email.

How about the limit to number of free job postings?

There is no catch! We stick to our words. You will be able to post any number of jobs truly for free.

Will there be any restriction on no. of applications?

Good news again, no upper limit on number of applications for your free job ad.

Do I have to pay for accessing online resume database?

Voila. You can choose to approach candidates proactively through online resume database, that too for free & with no limit.

Will the candidate pay then?

We have subscription plan for candidates beginning with a fee of less than 20 INR for a month. Jobstagram wants to assure a super economical service to those who are hunting for their next bread & butter in India. ‘Serious & Trustworthy’ are two keywords which should pop up in the back of your mind as an avid employer.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How to register as a Hirer/Employer to be able to post jobs for free?

No separate sign up is needed. Once you start to post a job for free, your account will be setup too and the credentials will be e-mailed to you. Please add our e-mail (no-reply[@]jobstagram[dot]com) as a contact of your registered e-mail address. Else, you may find critically important notifications in your promotions or junk folder.

Is there any hidden fee to post a job for free on Jobstagram?

Posting a job on Jobstagram is entirely free. You’ll have null doubt once you are done with submitting your first job listing.

Will my free job listing be placed below sponsored ones in the job search results?

There are no sponsored jobs on Jobstagram. So even though you’ll be posting jobs for free, it will still stand a chance to rank on top.

How do I advertise a job for free on Jobstagram?

To advertise your job, choose “Post a job” from the menu on top, or you can even scroll to the top to find the free job advertisement form.

How do I post a job for free?

It’s a sheer cakewalk! From the menu, pounce on the job posting option. Fill the form carefully and finish STEP 4 of 4, and that’s it!

What’s meant by the term “job posting”?

The advent of internet slowly, but surely transitioned the jobs advertisement from print to digital platform. The term ‘job posting’ means an act of submitting a job description for the vacant position(s) online either on a firm’s career site or on a 3rd party job posting website. On Jobstagram, it’s rather ‘free job posting’.

Is Jobstagram one of the best free job posting sites in India?

Well, let’s keep our answer in the parking lot. We would hate to blow our own trumpet. First things first! Use this free recruitment tool to hire workforce for your firm. We are confident that you will begin include us in one of the best job posting sites in India in the back of your mind as you use Jobstagram to post jobs.

Hope you now have more than a rough idea about how to post jobs advertisements for free. Welcome on board. To post a job for free, scroll to the top for free job advertisement form. Or, you can choose the likewise option from the top menu as well. Hope Jobstagram does justice to your recruitment endeavour!