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1. Overview: Post a job for free

  • A lot of times on the web, ‘free’ isn’t really free!
  • But in our algorithm, ‘free’ means 100% free.
  • Yes, it’s free to post a job here.

2. How to post a job for free?

  • Choose New User? | Post a Job for Free option from the top menu.
  • Or scroll to the bottom of this documentation.
  • Fill up the job posting form & don’t forget to finish STEP 4 of 4
  • Wait for activation email.

3. Why does Jobstagram let Employers post a job for free?

  • Covid 19 shook the economy of HR industry too.
  • Employers are now laying a great deal of emphasis on cost cutting.
  • And that’s where Jobstagram evolves as a boon.
  • Even after the pandemic, you can continue to post a job for free as we understand the loss of time & effort in convincing one’s employer to pay for posting jobs.

4. Why should I post a job for free on Jobstagram?

  • It’s genuinely free for talent acquisition professionals to post a job for free.
  • So no upgrade banners and in turn, get premium & super fast experience for free.
  • Applicants are through Jobstagram are mostly patient, professional & punctual.
  • Rarely expect a ‘no show’ from candidates if contacted for an interview.

5. What happens after I post a job for free?

  • Soon after you finish STEP 4 of 4, your free job posting will be submitted for moderation.
  • Verification checks like your official email’s domain & online reputation will be checked.
  • All seemingly authentic job listings will be approved in less than 60 minutes.

6. Is it really free to post a job on this free jobs posting site?

  • The best part is, you can avail free trial any number of times.
  • A free trial package will let you post upto four jobs for free.
  • In a nutshell, you can post unlimited jobs for free.
  • Need not cross paths with any pricing banner ever!

7. Do I need to share my credit card/bank information to post a job for free?

  • Since we never bill employers or recruiters, hence arises no need to seek banking details for letting them post a job for free.

8. Once I post a job for free, how long will it take for it to get approved?

  • In business hours, it should get activated in less than an hour.
  • However, if you choose to post a job for free in non business hours, expect it to get activated within a few hours.

9. Will there be any limit on number of applications if I choose to post a job for free?

  • Each and all can apply for your job posting.
  • We let candidates apply only for once per job.
  • Set yourself up at the receiving end of unique applications should you post a job for free on this site.

10. Can I post a job for free using my personal email address?

  • We have a zero tolerance policy as far as authenticity of a job is concerned.
  • You must use your official email to post a job for free. (Example:
  • Take us into confidence by proving that you’re an authorised recruiter representing your employer.
  • Your free job listing will get activated in less than an hour.

11. I did post a job for free & waited for more than a day! But it’s still not showing up in job search results. What should I do?

  • Your job listing may well be in an inactive state.
  • You may have used your personal/unofficial email while filling up the form to post a job for free while representing the HR department of your esteemed organisation.
  • If you’re certain to have used your Official Email, look for a password setup email sent to your inbox/junk.
  • Once you setup your password for the 1st time, your job postings will begin getting activated.
  • In case you’re not able to setup the password of your account, make use of forgot password option to indirectly verify your email.
  • If all the above conditions are taken care of, you’ll be receiving your job activation email in an hour or so.

12. I’m not an employer, but represent a manpower consultancy. Can I still post a job for free?

  • Even 3rd party (Consultancies/Manpower Firms) can post a job for free.
  • You must use the logo of your consultancy while filling up the job posting form.
  • Under ‘Company Details’, mention the name of your recruitment firm.
  • It’s upto you to reveal your client in the job description text box.

13. How to sign up as a recruiter in order to post a job for free?

  • No need to fill up a separate registration form.
  • Choose New User | Post a Job for Free option from the top menu. (Or scroll to the bottom of this documentation)
  • Your account will get configured once you begin to post a job for free.

14. I represent a startup, Can I still post a job for free?

  • Even newbies can use Jobstagram to post a job for free representing their human resource or admin department.
  • You must use your Official Email only.

15. How many times can I post a job for free?

  • Each free trial will let you post about four jobs for free.
  • Free trial can be taken limitlessly.
  • In a layman’s language, you can post a job for free as many times as you need to.

16. What if I decide to post a job for free and also want to approach those who did not apply to my free job posting?

  • Once you post your first job for free, you’ll instantly unlock access to resume database for free.
  • Filter resumes using title & location.
  • Browse, download & contact the ones you want to interview.

17. Can I refer my colleagues so that they can also post a job for free as well?

  • We can’t thank you enough if you choose to drive ‘word of mouth’ amongst human resource professionals in your circle.

18. Do I have to finish Step 4 of 4 to post a job for free successfully?

  • Only after you get done with the final step (STEP 4), we’ll receive notification of your job submission and will look forward to possibly approving it.

19. For how many days will my job posting be live?

  • It’s always safe to keep quite a few options and so, once you post a job for free,  it will show up for 45 days.

20. How can I edit, mark filled or even delete after I post a job for free?

  • Simply choose Manage Jobs & Applications option from the top menu after you log back in.
  • Hover (PC) or soft touch (Smartphone/Tablet) the job posting which you intend to manage.
  • You’ll get the options to remove, customise or stop applications.
IMPORTANT #1: Acceptable Official Email Example ~, Failing to use so will get your account permanently deleted. Your ip address may get blocked as well.
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IMPORTANT #2: You must finish STEP 4 of 4 to submit your job listing successfully.

*You must finish STEP 4 of 4 to submit your job successfully for a review.