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How should the Career Objective show up on a Marketing Manager’s Resume?

♣Tip: When it comes to resume sample for a Marketing Manager, an impactful Career Objective is a one paragraph snapshot of

  • Where are you coming from?
  • Where are you heading?
  • What are your key strengths?

Career Objective Example

Innovative and insightful Marketing Manager, with exemplary track record & demonstrated ability in analysing markets, building and executing marketing plans, understanding the ongoing market scenario and customer trends using marketing communication skills.

The Right Way of nailing a Profile Synopsis!

♣Tip: As far as a resume for a Marketing Manager is concerned, a profile synopsis is a glimpse of experience, expertise & achievements, in a bullet points format.

Profile Synopsis Example for a Marketing Manager’s resume

  • Overall _ years of experience as a Marketing Manager backed by MBA in Marketing and rich exposure to marketing, client relationship management, business development, corporate networking and operation management.
  • Proficient in successfully handling strategic planning, key account management, sales coordination and forecasting, CRM and servicing, lead generation, market survey, brand activation, events, promotion, advertising and campaigning.
  • Experienced in driving marketing strategies to attain periodical targets and to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Competent in keeping abreast with the market trends to obtain intelligence reports regarding competition and business expansion.
  • Skilled communicator with excellent man management, relationship management, leadership and team management abilities.
  • Thrive to complete the given assignments and or emphasis on giving value addition to the organisation for the betterment of the situation.

What all Core Competencies be included in resume format for Marketing Managers?

♣Tip: Core Competencies are nothing but a dozen of most relevant keywords related to the job of a Marketing Manager. Bullet points format is recommended. Doing so will get your resume shortlisted for the job of a Marketing Manager by ATS or Application Tracking System. You may also make core competencies eye catchy (for a human reader) by highlighting them in bold.

Core Competencies Example

  • Marketing/Business Development
  • Vendor Development & Management
  • Leadership
  • Corporate Communications
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Market Research
  • Public & Media Relations
  • New Product Launch

What are the Key Result Areas of a Marketing Manager?

♣Tip: The language of your duties or roles and responsibilities speak volume about your attitude and communication skills. Grammatical errors, monotonous and ordinary sentence construction, etc may, in turn, turn out to be a turn off for the hirer.

Key Result Areas Example

Marketing Management:
  • Instilling a marketing led ethos throughout the business.
  • Developing various marketing collateral such as brochures, product descriptions, standardised sales scripts, presentations, proposals & newsletter.
  • Initiating and coordinating the advertisement campaigns & promotional activities both Below The Line (BTL) and Social Media Marketing(SMM) through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
Market Research & Analysis:
  • Researching and reporting on external opportunities & issues to top management in the form of daily coverage report.
  • Analysing current market trends & competitor’s info to develop successful business strategy.
  • Closely monitoring results of company’s advertisement & marketing campaigns
Marketing Integration:
  • Coordinating with marketing vendors, advertising & media agencies on prices and campaign budget.
  • Working with a team of marketing executives along with product development & sales team.
  • Interacting with all departments & marketing suppliers to have a close working relationship.
Product Launch:
  • Development of training materials, collateral, data sheets, case studies, FAQ, benefit pitch to support the sales team activities.
  • Preparing & executing go-to-market promotional campaign and pricing strategy for the product.
Product Performance:
  • Monitoring and reporting effectiveness of strategies and marketing plan.
  • Setting the scope, implementation, management & review of marketing campaigns.
Additional Job Role:
  • Managing commercial activities that are purchases, logistics, negotiations, vendor management, etc.
  • Managing existing customers and their pending issues, assisting them in solving their problems effectively for a better client satisfaction.

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