Operations Manager

Job Summary
Position of Operations manager:

Preparing monthly plan of operations in order to achieve desired business goals to increase the revenues for both the riders and the company.
Meeting the daily login hours sum of the riders being online during the peak and non-peak hours.
Identifying the hourly demanded areas, educating and insisting the riders to move to those demanded areas to suffice the customer requirement.
Analyzing the data provided behalf of rider performance and the demand pattern to match them across the operational area.
Identifying the potential customers and the target audience and determining the operational areabased on the customer requirement and the expanding area as per the customer demand.
Training the new riders and handholding the new bees on the platform.
Optimizing all the riders in a way to achieve high rate of RPH (Rides Per Hour) which helps to grow the rides per day.
Preparing rider payout sheets and forwarding to account with required approvals.
Addressing the rider issues at most priority and solving it with minimal miss-understandings and quarrels to avoid down time loss to the company.
Designing rider incentive schemes in order to cut short the burn rate per ride and saving the investments.
Branding the riders to create visibility in and around all the clusters of HYD.
Directing the team members and motivating them to achieve their desired individual targets and reporting it to the senior management.

Responsibilities and Duties

Handling Sales
Retain the existing customers.
Accountable for increase customer base.
Analyze the booking of customers by time.
Accountable for increasing business of company.
Submitting reports weekly basis.
Credit collection.