Sr Full Stack Developer

Senior Engineer, you will be responsible for:

  1. Leading a product engineering team to help them deliver the product’s new features, improvements, and fixes to the market.
  2. Embody the DevOps domain across the diverse team of engineering and support to help them exemplify as a cohesive DevOps team.
  3. Performing a variety of duties on a day to day basis such as technical architecture, developing code samples/prototypes, performing code reviews, track and report progress, supporting escalated production issues, and performing product releases.
  4. Analyzing complex use cases leading to effective design, implementation, and deployment. As the design authority, you would be expected to design features in a generic and flexible manner so that the solutions can be used for multiple customers with minimum rework in the future.
  5. Constantly learning and sharing new skills across the team. Mentor junior developers to ensure quality product delivery.

Candidate Specification:
1) 8 – 12 years of software development or commensurate work experience.
2) Language proficiency in any of the two languages. Java, JavaScript, and Python.
3) Proven expertise writing well-designed, modular, scalable software components using a range of technologies including Spring, Angular.js.
4) Experience with well-known design patterns and sound knowledge of architectural approaches such as Modular Monolith and principles such as BDD, TDD.
5) Experience in building Web Services, REST APIs, user interfaces, and digital user experience with an understanding of best practice design principles for each.
Experience in building web interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
6) The experience about all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) gathering requirements, identifying user stories, estimation, task management, testing, deployment, and performance tuning.

Full Stack Software Engineer – Remote Working

Are you looking to make a difference?

A rare opportunity has arisen to join a hugely rewarding and promising Australian company.

As an early hire you will be building products true to our mission to building digital ecosystems for your business to thrive in.

The problems our products are solving involve the use of a range of technologies including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, data stream processing and data analytics + whatever you see fit!

Their current Tech Stack, which you are invited to add to is:-

·         Node.js

·         React.js

·         MongoDB

·         Angular.js

·         Material UI

·         Leaflet

·         Python

·         Java

·         GraphQL service (Apollo

·         MongoDB

·         Azure

What your exciting days will look like:-

·         Building products nobody else is doing in Australia

·         Creating new ideas, software, features and enhancements

·         Collaborating with the expert team across multiple products and projects

·         Coding across multiple languages

·         Very fast pace development environment

·         Peer to peer code reviews

·         Continued training and personal growth

·         One click deployments

·         Establishing CI/CD, TDD and Unit testing processes

Your other awesome skills & experience:-

·         Extensive commercial experience as a Full Stack Software Engineer and/or similar positions

·         Develop and design software products

·         Strong in either Javascript, Java,.Net or Python

·         Strong business acumen (this is a dream role for a future Co-Founder, Architect & CTO)

·         Knowledge of UI/UX

·         End-to-end product development experience

·         Experience with Angular.js or  Node.js or React.js,

·         Microservices

·         MongoDB

·         Worked in Startup type of environments

·         CI/CD, TDD and Unit testing

·         Agile and/or pair programming environments


Your benefits & perks:-

·         Fast tracked career growth

·         Choose your own development language

·         Opportunity to work remotely

Working closely with the Founder, Product Manager & SW team, this role will expose you to a myriad of opportunities & should develop into a CTO role here

MERN Full Stack Web Developer (Work from home!)

Job Description

A strong MERN-stack developer is needed to work on a full stack development project, who would get a chance to build Web applications/ software products from ground up. 

Required Skills & Experience :

At least 2 Years of experience and knowledge of building web applications with:

– MERN Full Stack

– MongoDB

– React JS

– Node.js

– Express JS

– RESTful API Development

– JavaScript Expertise

You can work from any city.