Senior Patent Manager

Job Description:

  • Meeting teams of inventors and understanding the technical aspects of inventions
  • Conducting comprehensive prior art searches of technical and patent information using online patent databases and other resources
  • Provide insightful evaluation and analysis of the results related to novelty and patentability aspects of inventions
  • Deliver timely, value-added patent search reports & other analytical reports. Analyze and summarize search results using scientific knowledge and specialized tools
  • Mapping of inventions to existing products and technologies to determine similarities and differences
  • Formulating strategies to protect Intellectual Property portfolio of the client
  • Drafting Patent Specifications to be filed before USA, Europe and India
  • Responding back to the Office Actions and other communication from Patent Offices
  • Leadership role (which involves Planning, training and organizing)
  • Educational Qualification: Graduate Degree in Electronics and Communication or Computer Science Engineering.