Document Control Manager

Your tasks:
Satisfy requirements for the implementation and management of the Project Document Control System.

Defining the document control protocols and information handling requirements for the project team.
Systems definition and configuration of the EDMS (Electronic Document Management System for the project).
Regular audits of documentation to ensure that it meets all client requirements and that relevant metadata is present.
Monitoring the system, flow of information and identifying bottlenecks, delays and escalating these for resolution.
Working with design team to plan the information delivery schedule, program key dates and monitor the systems to ensure that key dates are achieved.
Obtaining documentation and information from the project team and sub-contractors.
Analysis of the data and clearly communicating findings to the key members of the project team.
Follow up an outstanding documentation and documentation issues.
Planning of handover requirements. Incorporating these requirements in all work.
Communicating all critical issues with the Project team to ensure risks are actively managed and mitigated.
Updating PowerPoint presentations for project review meetings