Conference Producer

Conference producers at TT GROUP will meet the needs of our target markets and therefore generate revenue and profit. To undertake focused research, write compelling conference programmes and associated copy, recruit speakers, run the conference and to assume ownership for the end to end process of running a successful conference.

·         Gain a high-level understanding of any given market

·         Research potential conference ideas and record competitive events

·         Research and analyse the feasibility of developing potential conference topics into commercially viable events

·         Identify the target audience for a given conference idea and the most marketable angle on this topic

·         Write content, marketable conference programmes based on research

·         Research potential topics to be address in the conference agenda through secondary research

·         To determine the validity of proposed topic, sub-themes, timing and location and validate the potential subjects through telephone research

·         Identify, approach and confirm suitable speakers for the conferences

·         Schedule and lead calls with C-level executives to join as speakers and finalizing their presentation subjects

·         Negotiate, draft and manage speaker agreements with authors, thought leaders and industry experts

·         Identify influential trade associations and other possible partners and develop relationships

·         Liaising with speakers throughout the conference production cycle to ensure constant communication and avoid speaker dropouts

·         Negotiate speakers’ expenses where necessary

·         Ensure speakers are briefed on the required content of their presentation

·         Connect with speakers and attendees post the conference to take their feedback and document it for the next annual meeting

·         Collaborate with sales, marketing, operations and other business units to ensure alignment with event strategy and delivery

·         Oversee design of the conference brochure ensuring key selling points are emphasised

·         Take a strategic view of the positioning of the conference

·         Manage workload and multitask to hit deadlines