Android application developer

We are looking for an exceptional Android Developer eager to deliver a best-in-class mobile application. You are going to change the way people communicate safely on mobile for health needs.
You will be responsible for developing, enhancing, and designing a world-class mobile application for our platform. Your role will include implementing, and enhancing the Android mobile application, alongside a team of world-class developers, designers and software architects. You will be responsible for choosing libraries and frameworks to best meet the needs of the application. You will work with product managers and UI/UX designers to create a secure, seamless mobile experience.
Required Skills/Experience:
·       2+ years experience
·       Bachelors degree in computer science, or equivalent
·       Solid background in software development, and design patterns
·       Experience with the Android SDK, java, NDK, C++
·       Experience with JSON concepts and REST APIs
·       Experience working with product management and UI/UX designers
·       Experience working with customers and partners
·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills
·       Ability to work in a dynamic, fast moving and growing environment
Desired Skills:
·       Experience publishing a high quality Android application to the Google Play Store
·       Experience with communication and messaging applications
·       Experience with security software and solution