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An HR Recruiter by choice who is not just adept in sourcing, interviewing & negotiating but also leaves no stone unturned in reading between the lines to learn about the degree of seriousness embedded in the candidate for rolled out the job description.


  • Almost _ years of experience as an HR Recruiter in both technical and non-technical recruitment covering several industries.
  • Hands on experience in using all web based technologies to market the job description.
  • Taking the initial interview rounds and observing both facial expression and uttered words.
  • Briefing the shortlisted candidates on key result areas so that they’ve a thorough understanding of the role and hence the possibility of later disagreements get minimized too.
  • Relationship building with potential interviewees for strengthening their presence as per the schedule of an interview as well as for generating references for the resume database.
  • Immensely experienced in convincing the shortlisted candidates on accepting the rolled out offer by throwing light on the non-salary benefits and feel good factors.


  • IT/Non-IT Recruitment
  • Job Boards
  • Telephonic Interview
  • Face to face Interview
  • Interviewing over the Skype
  • Filtering CVs using keywords
  • Composing Job description
  • Briefing interviewees on KRA
  • Follow ups
  • Salary Negotiation
  • MIS
  • Relationship Building


Senior HR Recruiter @ UYJ Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, India
Feb, XX – Present

HR Recruiter @ PIV Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India
Aug, XX – Feb, XX 

HR Recruiter @ XRL Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India
Oct, XX – Aug, XX


Understanding Job Description:

  • Attending the KRA briefing session conducted by the head of recruitment.
  • Going through the JD multiple times for a better understanding.
  • Googling the specific profile jargons to strengthen the job role awareness.
  • Approaching the supervisor for clearing doubt(s).

Sourcing profiles:

  • Making use of all prominent technology portals to source the best candidates.
  • Sending Linkedin connection requests to eligible profiles with reference to the job roles description.
  • Logging back in at frequent intervals to check Linkedin connection request acceptance notification.
  • On acceptance, sending the private message as well as updating the job note as the status on Linkedin.
  • Keeping an eye on responses or comments on Linkedin.
  • Posting jobs on leading portals like Naukri, Indeed & Monster.
  • Filtering resumes based on keywords and approaching those possible candidates through phone or email.
  • Working closely with graphic designers for attractive advertisement banners with the job opening’s snippet.
  • Ensuring with the digital marketing team about the correct resume upload landing page on clicks.


  • Sharing sourced resumes with senior members of the team & with the help of their suggestions, curtailing the list of resumes to the best ones.
  • Pasting the job description on email’s body followed by suffixing request to call on the official phone number during the mentioned time.
  • Ending the email content with a humble request to go through the job description clearly before contacting.
  • Ensuring that all incoming calls are answered to avoid any chance of missing on communicating with the right one.
  • Beginning the call by greeting, introduction and branding.
  • Asking them for any questions or clarifications and answering them.
  • Giving a short summary about the role and fixing up an appointment for the interview.

Follow ups:

  • Being in touch with the shortlisted candidates on the eve of the interview schedule.
  • Probing with the ones who sound comparatively less interested and seeking reasons.
  • Putting in an effort to convince and motivate the less interested ones to attend the interview.
  • Requesting them to ask for me at the company’s reception.


  • Taking their first round of interview and coordinating the selected one’s written or technical round of interview.
  • Arranging for interview rounds with the senior management.
  • Meeting them for feedback after the interview round gets over.
  • Negotiating salaries with those who get the green signal from the conductors of their ultimate round.”


  • Updating the tracker and rendering presentation to the head recruiter about those who accepted the offer.
  • Also, updating a separate tracker for those who declined the offer based on salary and approaching them when a better remuneration is offered in near future.
  • Updating the reference sheet on excel.

Relationship Building:

  • Getting in touch with joiners a few times in the first two months to learn if they’re pleased.
  • As an HR Recruiter, also responsible for sharing their concerns, if any, with their respective line managers in an attempt to curb the possible attrition.


PGPM – HRM @ HDC University, Chennai, India
Aug, XX

BBA @ DBG College, Hyderabad, India
Dec, XX


  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • All Popular Job Portals
  • Skype
  • Outlook, Lotus
  • MIS (V lookup)


Notice Period – 30 Days
Salary Expectation – Negotiable
Open to Relocation – Yes
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #666 Modi Boulevard
Phone – 9886XXXXXX (Call between 4 pm to 6 pm)
Email –
Marital Status – Unmarried
Gender – Female
Languages – English, Hindi, Kannada


To be provided on request.


All the information rendered are true to the best of my knowledge.

Vinisha Chhabra

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