Top 10 HR and Admin Manager Resume Formats & CV Samples

Top 10 HR and Admin Manager CV Formats & Resume Samples

Rank 1st HR and Admin Manager Resume Format & CV Sample


Multi speciality professional endeavouring a stable & challenging position as an HR and Admin Managerin a growth oriented industry, where my expertise as well as experiences will significantly add to the overall prosperity of the company & render opportunities to my career.


  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to prioritize and execute multiple projects simultaneously and work in fast paced environment.
  • HR & Admin professional with qualitative experience, Well Organized, Enthusiastic, Earnest and Motivated.
  • Superintending smooth implementation of Human Resource policies for manpower planning, recruitment, selection, induction, joining & exit formality, statutory compliance, employee engagement, payroll management, CTC designing, performance management and MIS reporting.
  • An effective communicator with good interpersonal & presentation skills.
  • A compelling communicator with solid interpersonal & presentation skills nestled in the lap of an ability to multitask and operate well under mounting pressure situations.


  • Record Management
  • Policy Framing & Implementation
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking
  • Employee & Labor Relations
  • General HR/Administration
  • Training and Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Client Relationship
  • Organizational Development
  • Welfare Activities
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Manpower Planning


Senior HR & Administration Manager@ XXX Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India
Jan, XX – Present

HR & Admin Manager@ YYY Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India
Feb, XX – Jan, XX

HR & Admin Manager@ ZZZ Pvt. Ltd, Thane, India
Mar, XX – Feb, XX

Manager – HR and Administration@ XXY Pvt. Ltd, Navi Mumbai, India
Apr, XX – Mar, XX

Assistant Manager – HR and Admin@ YXX Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India
May, XX – Apr, XX

Human Resource and Admin Executive@ XYX Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India
Jun, XX – May, XX



  • Examining & issuing of employment contract agreements, appointment letter, wage increment, incentives & bonuses, and terminations letters.
  • Managing personnel accommodations as well as cafeterias.
  • Composing & keeping employee personnel filing system up to date both physically as well as electronically.
  • Evaluating & then approving employee leaves, full and final settlements.
  • Adept in making arrangements for allocating newbies.
  • Planning payroll and remuneration related duties for all departments including the administration of related admin methods.
  • Accountable to command the process of immigration & Government related documents coordination with the Ministry of External Affairs. Arranging Work permits, Visiting Visas, Driving License, etc.
  • Obtaining & timely renewals of various statutory of the company i.e. Taxes, Insurance, EPF, TDS, ESI or any Government fee.
  • Inspecting the employee conveniences including Firm’s Guest Houses and maintaining criteria of sanitation, hygiene, & safety/security regulations in order to preserve the accommodation in healthy condition. Also, to leave no stone unturned in maintaining the well-ordered running of amenities.
  • Systemizing the joining formalities process of new joiners i.e. Welcome announcement, Introduction, Gadgets, Employee Code, Identity & access Cards, Stationery & Bank Account.
  • Maintenance of facility machinery like workstations, air conditioners, organization transports, utilities, distributor agreements, agency contracts, property & tenancy contracts.

Human Resources:

  • Developing as well as building rapport and relations with internal business managers/team leaders to formulate strategic HR Solutions.
  • Led entire spectrum of HR and Administration & guided the efforts over outlining as well as budgeting of HR and Admin expenditures & strive towards depreciating operational costs.
  • Controlling day-to-day Human Resource & Administration processes & functions comprising Compensation & benefits, Planning, Talent Acquisition/Recruitment, Employee relation, Employee retention, Staffing, Performance management, Grievance & Discipline tasks, Adherence to local labour laws, IT, Security, Housekeeping, Timekeeping, Vendor Management, Logistics and Payroll.
  • Promoting & Executing HR & Administration policies, plans and goals for the whole organization.
  • Supporting inventory accounts of firm assets, material and modernizing them regularly.
  • Updating the company’s profile, product & project information on the website’s landing page.
  • Creating & submitting to the top management all important MIS reports on the daily, weekly & monthly basis. MIS reports included Manpower situation, employee accommodation status, recruitment and payment updates.
  • Refreshing the employee manual, systems, methods, implementation and HR related forms with consent from the apex management body.
    Tactfully handling Job costing, Keeping of debtors account, Credit Control, Catching up on all delinquent receivables.
  • Administering & consulting HR related matters with cross functional managers based on duties, tasks and goals.
  • Operating jointly with management & employees to enhance business relationships, boost morale, grow productivity and retention.
  • Overseeing, directing & coordinating with the project administration in all human resources & administration linked concerns.
  • Managing employee conferences with top executives and administrative team to address operating enigmas, budgetary affairs, technical difficulties and the state of projects & programs.
  • Conducting separation interviews and transmitting feed back to the higher management.
  • Planning HR & Administration department year-end budgets by coordinating with the finance department.
  • Skilled at running existing day-to-day activities while improving and implementing new business manoeuvrings in changing and mounting pressure circumstances, demanding the capacity to multitask & efficiently handle staff relations.

Performance & Training:

  • Outlining, regulating and coordinating training & development programs for all department employees.
  • Keeping the performance evaluation reports under scanner regularly and recognizing the area(s) of improvement followed by coordinating the coaching and training activities.
  • Supporting Line Managers to efficiently execute Performance Management System.
  • Assessing training demands for each sector, discussing with the head of the departments & managers.
  • Developing and coordinating the training programs for new recruits after orienting them with the firm’s culture, and objectives.
  • Getting training conducted at regular intervals to heighten employee skills across the business by taking the senior management into the loop. Knowing and analysing loopholes and working towards it.
  • Guiding Training system which includes, Identification of training requirements, generating a training module, planning a training program, observing its implementation & measuring its effectiveness.
  • Working in sync with top management to identify, promote and execute training and development programs in line with the company’s aspirations.
  • Planning and maintaining a practice of evaluating trainers by monitoring the programs and implementing an unbiased feedback ecosystem.
  • Devising performance management tool based on performance & behaviour model for all staffs.
  • Setting up the skeleton for performance counselling and for recognizing individual career paths.
  • Developing and executing the performance appraisal system for the organization & coordinating it with the supervisors.

Employee Relation:

  • Injecting suitable disciplinary efforts to maintain congenial working atmosphere across all employee levels.
  • Coordinating counselling programs to the employees to learn the absenteeism metabolism and driving disciplinary actions to curb it.
  • Implementing employee welfare policies.
  • Managing all employee relations concerns within the firm.
  • Making sure that employee queries regarding pay discrepancies or any other valid concern are addressed and resolved within optimal turnaround time.
  • Encouraging a zero tolerance atmosphere for all kinds of harassments.

Recruitment & Selection:

  • Led entire recruitment process including sourcing strategy; interviewing; reference checking; rolling out offers to applicants; managing and delivering induction training for the new hires.
  • Creating and transmitting precise & concise monthly MIS reports of departmental activities to the Top Management.
  • Preparing recruitment advertisements, job portal postings, specifications for external recruitment vendors, job descriptions & likewise materials in accordance with the firm’s hiring standards and business requirements.
  • Driving complete recruitment life-cycle for sourcing the cream talent out of various sources and colluding human resource specifications in consultation with various operative and functional areas.
  • Analyzing suggestions of all department for manpower requirements and recommending them to the apex management for approval.
  • Managed open-ended associations with internal clients as well as external recruitment agencies to assure the company gets competent standards of service.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Directing the circulation of written and verbal information to educate employees of benefits, compensation, and policies.
  • Administering researchers to analyse the prevailing compensation trends, renewing policies and practices to assure the firm’s competitive place in the industry.
  • Keeping attendance details for the entire workforce to recognize LWP (Leave without pay) deductions and accomplishing mandatory insurance as well as medical cover formalities.
  • Streamlining various compensation systems being governed in the company and establishing a joint Compensation and Benefit structure in sync with market trends.
  • Monitoring timely update of employee records like personal details, position, remuneration, other allowances, appraisal results, leave records, training & awards.
  • Handling the entire company ERP based payroll system.
  • Rolling out fresh compensation & benefits policies for employees and altering them as per necessity & assuring that programs are currently competitive along with being in compliance with legal provisions.
  • Launching and operating several employee benefits, like Housing, Insurances, Occupational Health Centre, Transport, Annual vacations, Get-togethers, Airfare, Sports & Cafeteria.

Manpower Planning:

  • Keeping an up to date company chart at all times comprising manpower requirements respective line of businesses.
  • Supervising approvals of employees’ leave requests and securing the proper replacement.
  • Defining Human Resource metrics & Manpower forecast for the future business strategy of the company.
  • Engaging in project work as needed to promote HR systems, methods and practices.
  • Devising and planning leave calendar of all personnel in the Projects.
  • Managing personnel related problems of contract manpower in liaison with Line Managers.
  • Assuring that corporate development tools are adequately utilized to intensify leadership skills.
  • Improving expected manpower planning for the new or upcoming projects in coordination with various departmental heads.
  • Developing HR strategy which reckons short as well as long term manpower projection for the corporation taking into account anticipated growth and new projects, by learning the business plan.
  • Organizing material and manpower requirements for various jobs in the manufactory including emergency & unplanned jobs.
  • Strategizing for employees exit schedule & arranging for suitable replacements.
  • Leaving no stone unturned in obtaining mandatory certifications like Trade Test, Third party certifications, Safety and any other documents as per the Client & project specifications.

Vendor Management:

  • Driving all classification programs for vendors.
  • Keeping healthy working relationships with various Vendors.
  • Assuring quality services from vendors and managing precise records for each specific vendor.
  • Overseeing all procurement activities and issuing important purchase orders, contract agreements, verification of invoices as well as bills.
  • Administering all agreements and developing initiatives for enterprises.


  • Regulating transportation of needed materials to job sites for routine and shutdown work.
  • Ensuring that all drivers and operators adhere to the work schedule.
  • Reaching effectiveness and pushing the costs down if possible.
  • Cataloging & swiftly fixing any discrepancies that may come into being.
  • Controlling all site vehicles as well as tools and scheduling as per the project’s necessity.
  • Keeping, refreshing and tracking of renewals prior to getting expired, that is, vehicle registration, insurance, drivers & operator’s license, project entry passes, vehicle examination & general services.
  • Running & supervising site logistics with the plethora of drivers and Operators. Administering employees’ transportation, site specification and delivering goods safely and on time to the destination.

Safety & Health:

  • Coordinating with Safety and Health Team to carry out Safety awareness meetings on regular basis.
  • Executing Policies and Procedures to safeguard various premeditated measures to possibly avert any kind of hazards.
  • Actively involved in the development of health, safety and environmental performance concerning exploration as well as production activities.

Strategic Planning:

  • Making absolutely sure of compliance to HR Policy is followed religiously come what may.
  • Reviewing and consolidating business internal controls & procedures.
  • Designing and sustaining constant growth conditions for all HR Activities within the organization.
  • Planning yearly HR strategy for the company in liaison with the top management. Monitoring the progress against the plan & briefing the apex management about it.
  • Ensuring compliance with Regulations, Laws and other mandatory requirements.


MBA (HR & Marketing)@ ABC University, Pune, India
Jun, XX

B.Com@ ABCD College, Nagpur, India
Aug, XX


Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), MS Access, Microsoft Project, Internet & Intranet, MS Axapta


  • Active as well as proactive
  • Self-motivated & Determined
  • Disciplined, Punctual, Dependable and maintain apex level of confidentiality
  • Decision Making
  • Powerful Leadership skills
  • Compliant & Adaptable


Notice Period– 45 Days
Salary Expectation– Negotiable
Open to Relocation– Yes
Passport– Yes
Communication Address– #444 Thakre Street, Pune
Phone– 9944XXXXXX (Call between 3 pm to 6 pm)
Email –
Marital Status– Single
Gender– Male
Languages–English, Hindi, Marathi


Will be more than happy to furnish on request.


All the data stocked above are accurate to the best of my understanding.

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HR and Admin Sample 1

HR and Admin Sample 2

HR and Admin Sample 3

Rank 2nd HR and Admin Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Professional Objective

A dedicated HR and Admin Manager who can bring to your business additional professional organised work approach with positive attitude and practical work experience.

Profile Summary

  • Possess excellent analytical, problem solving, communication, interpersonal, negotiation and coordination skills.
  • Experience in charting out HR strategies as part of Plant HR/Corporate HR Team and contributing towards enhancing business volumes, growth and achieving profitability.
  • Initiator of various social, cultural, physical, spiritual and environmental activities for high engagement.

Key Competencies

  • Payroll Administration
  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategic HR Planning
  • Training Need Assessment
  • Recruitment


  • Post Graduation in Management from SCT University, North Dakota (USA) in 20XX
  • Bachelor in Business Administration from NWP Academy, Navi Mumbai (India) in 20XX

Employment History

Sr Human Resource and Admin Manager @ GDP Inc, Virginia (USA), Aug, XX – Present
HR and Admin Manager @ MMP Inc, Langley (Canada), Jan, XX – Jul, XX

Primary Job Duties

  • Handling queries of employees and resolving their issues by meeting in person/over the phone/by e-mails.
  • Conducting one on one and batch sessions to help in increasing awareness and understanding of career path as well as growth opportunities.
  • Issuing warning as well as show cause letters.
  • Organising announcements and communications.
  • Identifying the training needs through the process of job analysis & discussion with the HR Director.
  • Designing and facilitating training program as well as training budgets.
  • Coordinating with trainers i.e. Soft Skills Trainers, Sales Trainers & Voice and Accent trainers.
  • Administering and managing the statutory mandates and books of audit.

Rank 3rd HR and Admin Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Resume Headline

Seeking a congenial working atmosphere and a challenge position in an esteemed organisation as an HR and Admin Manager so that I can do justice to my human resource as well as administration skills.

Professional Summary

Senior HR and Admin Manager @ YHS Inc, Colorado (USA), Jul, XX – Present
HR & Admin Manager @ CRT Inc, Glasgow (UK), Sep, XX – Jun, XX

Job Duties

  • As an HR and Admin Manager, shouldered responsibility of managing a wide gamut of the human resource function in the company.
  • Monitoring transport.
  • Maintaining records of stationery, housekeeping management activities and electrical items etc.
  • Maintaining the stock of electronic gadgets comprising laptops, tablets, mobile handsets, etc.
  • Managing facilities in the organisation comprising office infrastructure, building & canteen.
  • Ensuring proper functioning of all the computer systems & printers.
  • Ensuring overall completion of pre joining and post joining formalities for all new recruits.
  • Preparing offer/appointment letters for newbies.
  • Composing salary revision letters.
  • Preparing new employees hiring report.

Educational Summary

  • Post Graduation in HRM from EPJ University, Lucknow (India) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from LKV Academy, Perth (Australia) in 20XX

Software Skills

  • MS Office – Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet & E-mail operations
  • Ability to perform all types of internet operations.
  • Operating Systems – Linux, Windows and Macintosh.

Key Skills

  • Performance Management System
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Personnel & Administration
  • Payroll Management
  • Employment Engagement Activities
  • HR Generalist Activities

Rank 4th HR and Admin Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

An HR and Admin Manager with extensive background in Human Resource and Administration generalist affairs, including experience in employee recruitment and retention, staff development, mediation, conflict resolution, compensation and benefits, HR records management, HR policies development and legal compliance.

Top Skills

  • HR Department Startup
  • Employment Law
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Benefits Administration

Experience Synopsis

Sr HR and Admin Manager @ JTN Inc, Manila (Philippines), Mar, XX – Present
HR and Administration Manager @ KCP Inc, Dubai (UAE), Jun, XX – Mar, XX


  • Responsible for all activities related to Human Resource & Administration, ESI, EPF, LWF, and MIS reports.
  • Building up policies, process and procedures for smooth functioning of HR.
  • Responsible for running the payroll activities.
  • Driving social & local audits.
  • Providing technical expertise іח identifying, evaluating, developing systems & procedures to be cost effective as well as user friendly.
  • Executing acceptance testing, followed by preparing specifications for systems to meet business requirements.

Academic Snippet

  • MBA in Human Resource from RCK University, Colombo (Sri Lanka) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from LCB Academy, Burnaby (Canada) in 20XX

Technical Skills

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Powerpoint


  • Strong Oral and written Communication skills.
  • Proven Analytical and Problem resolution skills.
  • Strong Interpersonal and Leadership skills.

Rank 5th HR and Admin Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Snapshot

Holding over _ years of HR and Admin Manager experience in the field of facility management, administration & human resource.


  • Employee Relation
  • Project Management
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Vendor Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Team Management

Academic Details

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management from CDT University, Wellington (New Zealand) in 20XX
  • Certification in Human Resource Administration from HHX Academy, East London (South Africa) in 20XX

Work Experience Summary

Manager – Human Resource and Admin @ LMA Inc, Port Louis (Mauritius), Nov, XX – Present
HR and Admin Manager @ KNS Inc, Kathmandu (Nepal), Jan, XX – Oct, XX

Job Responsibilities

  • Ensuring hygiene in office area, cafeteria & reception.
  • Assuring all SLA are met.
  • Making sure of round the clock security in the office premises.
  • Supervising timely availability of quality food in the cafeteria.
  • Maintaining high standards of hygiene and interacting regularly with staff regarding the quality of food.
  • Conducting kitchen audits at regular intervals.
  • Ensuring timely dispatch of the official mails & shipments to the respective employees.
  • Preparing safety operating procedure for activities and equipments.
  • Reporting incidents as well as conducting the root cause analysis.
  • Working closely with quality and management team to see if changes in the process is required and taking proper approvals.
  • Ensuring the sufficient stationeries are available & keeping track and analysing the consumption.

Rank 6th HR and Admin Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Synopsis

A result oriented and certified HR and Admin Manager, backed by an MBA in Human Resource from one of the most sought after colleges.

Key Skills

  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Staff Recruitment & Retention
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Employee Relations
  • Orientation & On Boarding

Work History

Sr HR and Admin Manager @ CMB Inc, Dhaka (Bangladesh), Jun, XX – Present
HR and Administration Manager @ LSJ Inc, Dublin (Ireland), Sep, XX – Jun, XX

Primary Responsibilities

  • Negotiating and amicably settling disputes with the union and maintaining discipline and harmonious working environment across employee levels.
  • Implementing innovative strategies and HR interventions for accelerated growth of the organisation.
  • Proficient in assessing training and development needs & designing specified as well as exclusive programs in accordance with corporate requirement.
  • Managing the complete recruitment life-cycle for sourcing the best talent from diverse sources.
  • Formulating and implementing performance management and appraisal.

Alma Mater

  • MBA in HR from MMT University, George Town (Malaysia) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Technology from KVG Institute, Singapore in 20XX

Rank 7th HR and Admin Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Statement

Looking forward to secure a challenging position of an HR and Admin Manager with a dynamic and exciting organisation where I can enhance my human resource skills & strengths in the best possible manner.

Work Experience Summary

Human Resource and Admin Manager @ VWP Inc, Oxford (UK), Mar, XX – Present
Manager – HR and Admin @ LXU Inc, Detroit (USA), May, XX – Feb, XX


  • Managing day to day administration activities like housekeeping, security and stationery.
  • Handling procurement of material required for the smooth functioning of the office.
  • Ensuring timely delivery of vendor payments and reconciliation of accounts.
  • Responsible for smooth functioning of entire facility.
  • Handling petty cash.
  • Responsible for end to end recruitment life cycle of a candidate beginning with understanding and analysing the requirements of different skills set.
  • Responsible for planning, sourcing, selecting and securing top-notch candidates for multiple positions.
  • As an HR and Admin Manager, also responsible for maintaining and updating the database as well as application tracker.

Educational Snapshot

  • Graduation in Science from VMS University, Pune (India) in 20XX
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management from KTH Academy, Toronto (Canada) in 20XX

Rank 8th HR and Admin Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

An overall experience of nearly _ years in all facets of HR and Admin Management with lion’s share of expertise covering HRMS, Payroll, Work Force Administration and New Joiner Induction Program.

Work Experience

Sr HR and Administration Manager @ LPI Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (India), Oct, XX – Present
HR and Admin Manager @ PNG Inc, Denver (USA), Feb, XX – Sep, XX

Job Description

  • Handling petty cash for general office expenses and mobile expenses of employees.
  • Maintaining personal records of employees.
  • Managing attendance and leave of employees.
  • Invoicing and following up on collection of payments from clients and sending of payments to suppliers.
  • Drafting and framing of company policies like Attendance & Leave Policy, General Code of Conduct, Appraisal & Review Policy, Discipline Program, Exit Policy, etc.

Academic Synopsis

  • Master’s Degree in HRM from LUM University, Canberra (Australia) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from FMW Institute, Manchester (United Kingdom) in 20XX

Software Skills

  • People Soft
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Internet Applications
  • Windows
  • Macintosh

Rank 9th HR and Admin Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Statement

An experienced HR and Admin Manager who has time and again demonstrated ability to work effectively with all levels of employees by exhibiting good soft skills, relationship management, and analytical skills.


  • Joining & Induction
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee Welfare
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Attendance Management
  • Performance Appraisal

Experience Snapshot

HR and Admin Manager @ PMV Inc, Melbourne (Australia), Mar, XX – Present
Manager – Human Resource & Administration @ FSK Inc, Calgary (Canada), Jun, XX – Feb, XX

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Providing the joining kit to the new employees.
  • Implementing and updating policy by working closely with the human resource head.
  • Responsible for monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly compliances.
  • Preparing monthly, weekly MIS reports, and maintaining HR data in HRMS portal.
  • Updating the employee attendance in HRMS portal for the salary processing.
  • Responsible for the complete recruitment cycle.


    • PGPM in Human Resource Development from MGD University, Singapore in 20XX
    • Graduation in Commerce from CPX Academy, Malaysia in 20XX

IT Skills

    • MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint)
    • Email & Internet
    • HRMS
    • SAP

Rank 10th HR and Admin Manager Resume Format & CV Sample


An enthusiastic, dedicated and talented HR and Admin Manager with over _ years of corporate experience pivoting around all facets of administering human resource department.

Experience Snippet

HR and Admin Manager @ VXA Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (India), Jul, XX – Present

  • Making offer letters for new employees.
  • Drafting confirmation letters for employees who have completed their probation period.
  • Getting the bank accounts opened up for new employees by working in sync with the bank’s branch.
  • Ensuring that all joining formalities are completed.
  • Handling the entire client contact database and regularly updating it.
  • Preparing attendance reports on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
  • Receiving top delegates and guiding them to relevant department and people.
  • Reporting directly to the director.


  • Post Graduation in Human Resource Management from AAF University, Austin (USA) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from CDD Academy, London (UK) in 20XX

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