Top 10 Front Office Manager Resume Formats & CV Samples

Top 10 Front Office Manager CV Formats & Resume Samples

Rank 1st Front Office Manager Resume Format & CV Sample


A highly efficient Front Office Managerwho has often been known as an embodiment of hospitality & is quite adept in handling revenue management, personnel management, corporate policy implementation, general administrative activities, training, as well as facilities management.


  • Well versed with Front Office Operationsand revenue management with a total hospitality experience of about _ years with leading brand of hotels.
  • Arranging and observing travel arrangements, liaising with hotels concerning accommodation, menus, meeting rooms, etc and commanding the effective rendering of facilities comprising housekeeping, transport, materials, etc.
  • Framing work direction and strategy for the teammates after out-and-out assessment of their abilities.
  • Assuring steady operations at all times come what may and keeping proper etiquette as well as discipline by executing & adjusting the methods.
  • Establishing service criteria and guidelines that serve as the benchmark for outstanding service delivery.
  • Collaborating with other managers and staff members in order to formulate and implement policies, goals, procedures and objectives.
  • Working in sync with departments to attain harmonious working atmosphere and operational productivity.
  • Handling overall budgeting, procurement, forecasting, allocation & consumption of resources.
  • Keeping administration activities like office facilities, transport facilities, security services, etc under the scanner to guarantee the constant guest delivery experience.
  • Directing the official correspondence, mail management, fixed assets, etc.


  • Front-office Operations
  • Cash & Revenue Management
  • General Administration
  • Business Development
  • Client Relationship Management
  • MIS and Documentation
  • Resource Optimization
  • Liaisoning


Senior Manager – Front Office @ AAB Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India
Apr, XX – Present

Front Office Manager @ FGI Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India
Oct, XX – Apr, XX

Front Office Manager @ AJC Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India
Mar, XX – Oct, XX

Front Office Manager @ KHK Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India
Sep, XX – Mar, XX

Front Office & Admin Manager @ MAC Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India
Jun, XX – Sep, XX

Assistant Front Office Manager @ ZGI Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India
Aug, XX – Jun, XX


  • Overall responsible for Front Office Operations for the hotel, handling all guest and internal customer complaints in courteous and efficient manner.
  • Ensuring smooth coordination between all the operational areas within Front Office and other related departments.
  • Patrolling on time check-ins & check-outs along with ensuring minimal wait time for esteemed clients.
  • Securing compliance with all front office policies, payments, specified standards & procedures.
  • Assuring satisfaction of guests’ service from their arrival until their departure.
  • Accountable for all room division operations in the absence of General Manager
  • Checking received reservation requests on a daily basis followed by the input of reservation into the system & assigning rooms.
  • Working on strategies to upsell breakfast, food & beverage to the guests.
  • Supervising recruitment as well as training of staffs for the purpose of grooming them up for a better efficiency & guest satisfaction.
  • Coordinating front office duties with various departments such as front office executive, housekeeping, sales and marketing.
  • Managing online booking and coordinating with hotel’s website team to check if the rates are accurate.
  • Coordinating with the on-duty manager for cash control, monitoring departmental costs and ensuring performance against the specified budget.
  • Responsible for enhancing revenue through electronic channels & assuring optimum online channel management by ensuring that the website shows up on the various online search engine for the right set of keywords.
  • Leaving no stone unturned in ensuring smooth functioning of the in-house pickups and drops service.
  • Rolling out cab service offers to encourage the guests to avail hotel transport service in place of 3rd party or private cabs.
  • Organizing fun filled staff get together & inculcating a feeling of healthy competition in them.


Diploma in Hotel Management @ MDC University, Hyderabad, India
Nov, XX

Bachelor of Commerce @ ADM College, Hyderabad, India
Oct, XX


Microsoft Office – MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel, Micros, PMS; Microsoft Outlook & other applications used in Hotel Industry.


Attentive, Compliant & Adaptive, Considerate, Consistent, Detail Oriented, Enthusiastic, Leadership, Progressive, Punctual


Notice Period – 45 Days
Salary Expectation – Negotiable
Open to Relocation – Yes
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #223 Paul St
Phone – 9844XXXXXX
Email –
Marital Status – Unmarried
Gender – Male
Languages – English, Hindi, Telugu


Ms A Adhikari 770032XXXX Ms M Sehgal 886600YYYY


All the data stocked above are true to the best of my understanding.

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Rank 2nd Front Office Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

A result oriented, versatile and dynamic Front Office Manager providing decisive leadership, management and guidance to the front office team. Adept at effectively managing operations in intensely competitive environments.

Profile Snapshot

  • As a Front Office Manager, possess expertise in handling a diverse range of front office operations.
  • Expertise in designing & implementing training programs for bringing keen customer focus, high energy level and team spirit in the employees.
  • Excellent written, communication, inter personal, liaison and problem solving skills with the ability to work in multi cultural environment.
  • Consistently imparted training programs that resulted in improved service standards.


Experience Summary

Front Office Manager @ APH Inc, New York City (USA), Jul, XX – Present
Management Trainee – Front Office @ KBK Inc, Montreal (Canada), Sep, XX – Apr, XX

Primary Duties

  • Ensuring highest level of customer satisfaction by providing imparting quality front office management and amenities within corporate standards.
  • Monitoring the present and future trends, practices and systems in the hospitality industry.
  • Participating actively in selling the front office services.
  • Overseeing as well as directing the recruitment, hiring, talent acquisition, orientation, coaching, counselling training, and performance appraisals.
  • Responsible for the security and safety of clients and front office team members.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective employee morale and relations.
  • In short, as a front office manager, responsible for contributing to the overall growth of the organisation.

Academic Snippet

  • Master’s Degree in Hospitality Administration from KKH University, Denver (USA) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Law from NTJ Institute, Chennai (India) in 20XX

IT Skills

Microsoft Windows, Opera, PMS, Showman, IDS

Rank 3rd Front Office Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Statement

Seeking a challenging assignment of a Front Office Manager that provides opportunities to contribute to the organisation’s success through the use of exceptional front office service, managerial, and people skills.

Software Skills

  • IDS
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Powerpoint
  • Internet based research

Work Experience Details

Front Office Manager @ BPX Hotels, Austin (USA), Jun, XX – Present
Assistant Manager – Front Office @ VXA Group of Hotels, Birmingham (UK), Aug, XX – Jun, XX


  • Guiding front office staffs and motivating them to exhibit excellent front office services.
  • Ensuring smooth front office operations.
  • Responsible for coordinating with other departments such as house keeping, engineering, food & beverage and accounts department to ensure a pleasant pleasant experience for guests and visitors.
  • Training front office staffs on the company policies and procedures.
  • Inculcating superb telephone etiquettes in the front office team members.
  • Corresponding to guest queries, comments & complaints via email, phone and in person.
  • Scheduling and supervising staff.
  • Developing standard operating procedures taking brand value into account.
  • Creating as well as producing reports based on performance based compensation or incentives.
  • Conducting regular monthly meetings with members of the front office.

Alma Mater

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality from NGJ University, Pune (India) in 20XX
  • Certification in handling Front Office from VMS Academy, Perth (Australia) in 20XX

Rank 4th Front Office Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

  • An established record of decision making in all facets of front office management and possess experience in all phases of management systems.
  • Adept at supporting facilities and gaining more than the set benchmark of customer satisfaction.
  • Expert in building strong relationship with clients to ensure repeat and referral business.

Tech Skills

  • Microsoft Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Excel
  • IDS
  • Opera
  • Galileo

Experience Snapshot

Sr Front Office Manager @ LBW Inc, Quezon City (Philippines), Sep, XX – Present
Front Office Manager @ JIV Inc, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Feb, XX – Sep, XX

Key Responsibilities

  • More than _ years of progressive experience in front office management.
  • Taking initiatives and open to leading a team or working independently with confidence.
  • Developing and upgrading existing properties.
  • Inculcating performance enhancing mechanism.
  • Interacting with various levels of management, while simultaneously exhibiting diplomacy and politeness.
  • Implementing and managing training programs for the front office team.
  • Developing systems, procedures and maintaining database of guest history.
  • Reviewing profit and loss performance of front office department.
  • Reviewing walk ins for rates and mode of payment.
  • Preparing and analysing reports of key months.

Tech Competencies

  • Microsoft Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Excel
  • IDS
  • Opera
  • Galileo


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from ZHS University, Kandy (Sri Lanka) in 20XX
  • Certification in Front Office Management from MYN Institute, Edmonton (Canada) in 20XX

Rank 5th Front Office Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

In search of a challenging and responsible Front Office Manager’s job profile so that it utilises and enhances my front office management skills along with helping the company attain higher level of success.

Software Skills

  • Tally
  • ERP
  • MS Office
  • Internet

Behavioural Skills

  • Ability to work effectively in team as well as individually.
  • Optimistic
  • Energetic
  • Quick Learner
  • Deterministic
  • Confident

Experience Summary

Senior Front Office Manager @ CHS Inc, Port Louis (Mauritius), Jun, XX – Present
Assistant Manager – Front Office @ YFR Inc, Kathmandu (Nepal), Feb, XX – May, XX

Prominent Duties

  • Coordinating with as well as managing front office team members.
  • Managing incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Interacting with vendors for office administration.
  • Organising as well as maintaining files and records.
  • Taking care of pantry and housekeeping.
  • Keeping record of all incoming & outgoing shipments.
  • Maintaining attendance record of all staff.
  • Maintaining record for issued gate passes.
  • Handling all other miscellaneous tasks of a Front Office Manager.

Educational Summary

  • Post Graduation in Operations from LLO University, Auckland (New Zealand) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Geography from TKS Academy, East London (South Africa) in 20XX

Rank 6th Front Office Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Professional Summary

  • A passionate Front Office Manager with more than _ years of experience in the hospitality industry.
  • Expertise in attaining goals, cost control and building strong customer relationships.
  • Leadership and team building skills coupled with the ability to direct teams in catering star rated front office services.

Alma Mater

  • Post Graduation in Operations Management from IGL University, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from SUK Institute, Singapore in 20XX

Work Experience Snippet

Senior Front Office Manager @ JOX Inc, Chittagong (Bangladesh), May, XX – Present
Manager – Front Office @ PKQ Inc, Limerick (Ireland), Feb, XX – Apr, XX

Key Result Areas

  • As a Front Office Manager, mainly responsible for assisting the top management in the development, implementation and monitoring of financial and operational plans.
  • Ensuring optimum guest satisfaction, sales potential and profitability.
  • Regularly auditing all financial transactions to ensure adherence to various regulations.
  • Monitoring and mentoring members of front office team.
  • Managing all front office procedures exactly as per the set guidelines.
  • Counselling and supporting team members.
  • Maximising sales revenue by implementing innovative ideas.

Rank 7th Front Office Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

  • An accomplished Front Office Manager with over _ years of experience in hospitality sector.
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills focused on promoting and delivering exceptional service.
  • Having strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Experience Details

Sr Front Office Manager @ RIG Inc, Liverpool (UK), Mar, XX – Present
Front Office Manager @ MAJ Inc, Los Angeles (USA), Jun, XX – Mar, XX

Primary Duties

  • Counselling clients and enrolling them to various services.
  • Managing activities of the front office staff to ensure adherence to the standards of excellence.
  • Coordinating between clients and in house departments regarding problems, requests and feedbacks.
  • Implementing front office policies, rules and operational procedures.
  • Monitoring calls to assure if high degree of hospitality is exhibited by team members.
  • Taking care of billing and releasing payments by coordinating with account manager.
  • Maintaining files, records and daily reports.

Educational Summary

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from NHY University, Kolkata (India) in 20XX
  • Certification in Hospitality Administration from FRN Academy, Calgary (Canada) in 20XX

Rank 8th Front Office Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

A Front Office Manager with an eternal ability to lead a team by setting up an example of working sincerely.

Experience Summary

Front Office Manager @ LUA Pvt Ltd, Jaipur (India), Dec, XX – Present
Front Office Management Trainee @ PXW Inc, Boston (USA), Sep, XX – Nov, XX

Roles & Responsibilities

  • As a Front Office Manager, primarily responsible for handling operations related to visitors and guests.
  • Assuring absolute adherence to standard operating procedures.
  • Assisting the senior management in developing services.
  • Entertaining regular and potential clients and maintaining excellent relations.
  • Briefing executives on a daily basis about operations and new assignments.
  • Preparing monthly MIS reports through 360 degree angle.
  • Keeping standards of front office services and cleanliness under scanner.

Academic Summary

  • Master’s Degree in Hotel Management from LOE University, Adelaide (Australia) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Administration from OLG Institute, Manchester (United Kingdom) in 20XX
  • High School from SSE School, Toronto (Canada) in 20XX

Tech Skills

Rank 9th Front Office Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Snippet

Intend to work as a Front Office Manager with a leading organisation where commitment and dedication are appreciated, rewarded and compensated.

IT Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Internet
  • Opera

Work Experience

Front Office Manager @ KYU Inc, Brisbane (Australia), Oct, XX – Present
Assistant Front Office Manager @ LLD Inc, Ottawa (Canada), May, XX – Oct, XX

Key Responsibilities

  • Supporting entire the Front Office management activities, budget, and strategies.
  • Ensuring repeat guests and elite members receive special attention and recognition.
  • Promoting sales and inside campus facilities.
  • Maintaining inter departmental relationships to ensure seamless front office service.
  • Scheduling and regularly conducting routine inspection.
  • Maintaining appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniforms, appearance and posture of departmental employees.
  • As a front office manager, also accountable for conducting comprehensive monthly departmental meetings to include a review of procedures and events.


    • Post Graduation in Operations Management from HWA University, Singapore in 20XX
    • Graduation in Humanities from LCP Academy, Malaysia in 20XX

Rank 10th Front Office Manager Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Statement

A Front Office Manager with over _ years of experience facilitating, leading and motivating a team of executives.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospital Administration from PPB University, Chicago (USA) in 20XX
  • Certification in Front Office Management from LLM Institute, Glasgow (UK) in 20XX

Work Snapshot

Front Office Manager @ HYX Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (India), Jan, XX – Present

  • Managing the front office area.
  • Responding to the queries over the phone and routing them properly.
  • Greeting and meeting guests and visitors
  • Adhering to compliance and security procedures religiously.
  • Issuing badges to visitors as well as maintaining logbook of all front office management activities.
  • Procuring and maintaining all stationary items and electronic gadgets.
  • Booking air tickets for the senior management using a trustworthy mobile application.
  • As a front office manager, also responsible for supervising security and housekeeping staff.

Computer Proficiency

  • Email & Internet Applications.
  • Excel, Word, & Powerpoint
  • Good with searching online

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