Top 10 Front Desk Executive Resume Formats & CV Samples

Top 10 Front Desk Executive CV Formats & Resume Samples

Rank 1st Front Desk Executive Resume Format & CV Sample


An experienced Front Desk Executive with exceptional relationship management skills, a sound business understanding and ability to conceive productive and profitable solutions.


  • Approximately _ years of qualitative experience as a Front Desk Executive equipped with robust problem solving & interpersonal skills, an ability to perceive, analyse circumstances and implement solutions whenever required.
  • An extensive and strategic understanding of human relations and business objectives.
  • Skilled in meeting project deadlines, strictly obeying internal processes and methods within a dynamic work environment.


  • Front Office & Travel Management
  • Incoming/Outgoing Calls
  • General Administration
  • Facility Management
  • General & Banking Correspondence
  • MIS
  • Database Management
  • Back Office Operation
  • Customer service
  • Housekeeping Management


Sr Front Desk Executive @ ADB Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, India
Sep, XX – Present

Executive – Front Desk @ GGG Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, India
Mar, XX – Sep, XX

Front Desk Executive @ DJC Pvt. Ltd, Faridabad, India
Jul, XX – Sep, XX

Front Desk Executive @ KGH Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, India
Jan, XX – Jul, XX

Front Desk Executive @ BMB Pvt. Ltd, Noida, India
Apr, XX – Jan, XX

Front Desk Executive @ ZZZ Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India
May, XX – Apr, XX


  • Attending visitors & coordinating with them for their requirements & queries.
  • Supervising housekeeping activities and administration related work in an efficient manner for ensuring the uniform functioning of the office.
  • Composing and maintaining daily report for enquiries & walk-ins in the office premises.
  • Establishing and developing a good rapport with the customers & leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the goodwill of the business is intact by addressing their issues followed by possibly suggesting a perfect solution.
  • Maintaining monthly inventory of stationary and housekeeping stocks.
  • Getting the conference room ready for all high-level meetings of the board.
  • Attending all incoming and outgoing phone calls & routing them to the right department.
  • Coordinating with the customer service team for queries or concerns of the clients.
  • Filing necessary documents concerning customer complaints, invoices, acknowledgements, etc.
  • Checking emails & either responding or informing the concerned department and following up later to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Attendance and leave management of housekeeping staff.
  • Rendering reminders for meetings, events, conferences, appointments to the higher management of the organisation.


Certification in Business Communication @ MMC University, Noida
Jun, XX

Bachelor of Arts @ ADM College, New Delhi, India
Oct, XX


Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, Access, Tally, Internet/Email applications.


Active & Proactive, Attentive, Considerate, Dependability, Enthusiastic, Punctual, Self Motivated, Team Player


Notice Period – 90 Days
Salary Expectation – Negotiable
Open to Relocation – Maybe
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #999 Singh Boulevard
Contact Info – 9891XXXXXX/
Marital Status – Unmarried
Gender – Female
Languages – English, Hindi, Punjabi


Will be glad to furnish on request.


I confirm that all the data mentioned above are absolutely correct to the best of my knowledge.

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Rank 2nd Front Desk Executive Resume Format & CV Sample

Profile Summary

Carrying nearly _ years of experience as a Front Desk Executive while strongly supporting an organisation’s day to day front desk agenda. Adept at rendering the company with timely arrangements and ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere to guests, clients, visitors and in house employees.

Key Skills

  • Strictly abiding by policies.
  • Maintaining cordial relation with colleagues, clients and helpers.
  • Maintaining personal integrity.
  • Taking responsibility of the work assigned and making sure that it gets done on time.

Experience Summary

Senior Front Desk Executive @ BGZ Inc, San Francisco (USA), Oct, XX – Present
Front Desk Executive @ IPT Inc, Ottawa (Canada), Mar, XX – Oct, XX

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Handling all the incoming and outgoing calls and responsible to take messages when the concerned employees are not available.
  • Providing necessary information to the caller.
  • Maintaining incoming and outgoing courier register and check bills for the same.
  • Coordinating company visitors and assuring help in a timely manner.
  • Handling entire front desk operations.
  • Assuring that the housekeeping and pantry service is provided on time.
  • Booking travel arrangements inclusive of  flight booking and cab service.
  • Responding to emails, timely and with efficiency.
  • Updating and maintaining contact details of all employees.
  • Fixing appointments and booking conference rooms for meetings
  • Independently handling corporate gifting to employees and important clients during annual celebration.
  • Issuing stationery and ensuring no misuse with the help of tracking.
  • Arranging monthly “Birthday Bash” for employees.
  • Making sure that good hygiene is maintained in the office pantry and restrooms.
  • Handling day to day Petty Cash


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Operations Management from NIK University, Austin (USA) in 20XX
  • Certification in Front Desk Operations from VCG Institute, Chennai (India) in 20XX

Rank 3rd Front Desk Executive Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

To work as a Front Desk Executive with an organisation which utilises my front desk knowledge & skills and provides me opportunities to develop into the better professional version of myself.


  • Proficient in researching online.
  • Adept at using Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Analytical skills
  • Possess a good typing speed
  • Knowledge of Digital Marketing

Experience Snapshot

Front Desk Executive @ TTC Inc, Los Angeles (USA), Feb, XX – Present
Jr Front Desk Executive @ NNV Inc, Birmingham (UK), May, XX – Jan, XX

Key Responsibilities

  • Taking charge of front desk responsibilities enthusiastically.
  • Attending all incoming calls properly and routing them to appropriate department(s).
  • Noting down all the incoming & outgoing call details in the register and digital notepad.
  • Attending to various queries of visitors.
  • Receiving all couriers and other inward posts and handling them over to the concerned department.
  • Ensuring that the Biometric Attendance System works flawlessly.
  • Maintaining the list of job applicants & coordinating with them for interview.

Educational Qualification

  • Master’s Degree in Humanities from HBC University, Bengaluru (India) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from KZA Academy, Adelaide (Australia) in 20XX

Rank 4th Front Desk Executive Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

An honest and immensely dedicated Front Desk Executive professional with a versatile front desk activities skill set developed through experience.

Work Experience Snippet

Sr Front Desk Executive @ JUB Inc, Quezon City (Philippines), Jun, XX – Present
Junior Front Desk Executive @ PPU Inc, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Sep, XX – Jun, XX

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • As a Front Desk Executive, responsible for handling all incoming and outgoing calls, fax & couriers.
  • Attending Visitors.
  • Maintaining pantry and stationery inward & outward stock.
  • Managing documents & sending them through email and regular post.
  • Preparing invoice copy for the material which has to dispatch to the clients or other branches.
  • Booking cabs for the clients, employees & delegates.
  • Arranging meals for employees.
  • Submitting monthly bills to accounts department for payment.
  • Setting up official email for new joiner.
  • Making meeting arrangements with client
  • Coordinating personal rounds of interview for the job openings.
  • Coordinating with all the departments for smooth functioning of front desk work.
  • Maintaining logbooks for telephone/visitors.

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite, Internet & Email Applications

Academic Snippet

  • Graduation in Hospitality Management from OUI University, Kandy (Sri Lanka) in 20XX
  • Certification in Front Desk Management from PAU Institute, Victoria (Canada) in 20XX

Rank 5th Front Desk Executive Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

Seeking a suitable Front Desk Executive job in an employee centric and growth oriented company.


  • A dynamic Front Desk Executive professional with more than _ yearsof experience in all spheres of front desk domain.
  • An effective communicator with excellent relationship management skills and strong analytical, problem solving & organisational abilities.

Key Skills

  • Handling guests
  • Corporate communication
  • Office Administration
  • Handling couriers
  • Managing documentations

Professional Experience

Senior Front Desk Executive @ NNH Inc, Port Louis (Mauritius), Feb, XX – Present
Assistant Front Desk Executive @ KUB Inc, Kathmandu (Nepal), Oct, XX – Jan, XX

Key Duties

  • As a Front Desk Executive, basically responsible for communicating with domestic as well as international guests, clients and vendors.
  • Keeping in constant contact with vendor through verbal and written communication.
  • Coordinating with entire office staff.
  • Engaging in day to day interaction with the clients for solving all of their queries.
  • Organising seminars, workshops and conferences.

Educational Summary

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from TUT University, Hamilton (New Zealand) in 20XX
  • Diploma in Aviation from KUG Academy, Johannesburg (South Africa) in 20XX

Rank 6th Front Desk Executive Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Statement

A Front Desk Executive who is eternally willing to take on any exciting challenge pivoting around front desk & administration activities.


  • Front Desk Operations
  • Attention to detail
  • Adaptability
  • Team Player

Academic Summary

  • Master’s Degree in Arts from VGT University, George Town (Malaysia) in 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from XPG Institute, Singapore in 20XX

Experience Snippet

Senior Front Desk Executive @ LLK Inc, Chittagong (Bangladesh), Oct, XX – Present
Executive – Front Desk @ PPW Inc, Limerick (Ireland), Dec, XX – Sep, XX

Primary Responsibilities

  • Welcoming visitors and directing them appropriately.
  • Receiving, directing and relaying telephone as well as fax messages.
  • Responding to enquirers enthusiastically.
  • Recording and handling all incoming and outgoing courier.
  • Looking after monthly stationery orders and generating invoices.
  • Analysing the house keeping material usage and controlling the orders.
  • Looking after monthly housekeeping material and bills.
  • Coordinating with housekeeping supervisors, electricians and other office support staffs.
  • Rendering secretarial support to Admin Manager for meetings.
  • Organising and arranging business meetings as well as conferences.
  • Also, handling all other general responsibilities of a front desk executive.

Rank 7th Front Desk Executive Resume Format & CV Sample

Professional Objective

Looking forwardto work as a Front Desk Executive in a highly motivated and esteemed organisation.

Experience Snapshot

Sr Front Desk Executive @ UPH Hotels, Manchester (UK), May, XX – Present
Front Desk Executive @ TRQ Group of Hotels, Seattle (USA), Jan, XX – May, XX

Key Responsibilities

  • As a Front Desk Executive, responsible for making reservations and allocating hotel rooms to the housekeeping department and guests.
  • Coordinating with the team of front desk executives.
  • Ensuring that all hotel standards and procedures are applied.
  • Managing daily billing and payments.
  • Ensuring that the clients are offered high quality services.
  • Participating in daily briefings.
  • Reviewing logbooks daily.
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships with all guests.
  • Adhering to hotel brand standards.
  • Actively participating in organised meetings.
  • Making the manager on duty aware of any complaints.

Alma Mater

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management from DTE University, Kolkata (India) in 20XX
  • Diploma in Hotel Operations from PYV Academy, Toronto (Canada) in 20XX

Rank 8th Front Desk Executive Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

Seeking a challenging career as a Front Desk Executive which will allow me to upgrade my hospitality skills and reflect that in the project(s) I take up.

Work Experience

Front Desk Executive @ PPS Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (India), Aug, XX – Present
Front Desk Executive – Trainee @ GYJ Inc, Chicago (USA), Nov, XX – July, XX


  • Coordinating as well as scheduling travel arrangements like air travel and hotel booking.
  • Maintaining & generating monthly leave record of the employees.
  • Creating and maintaining files, records, contact lists and spreadsheets.
  • Preparing routine approvals and forwarding them to accounts team for release of payment.
  • Administering the cleanliness of the premises.
  • Organising staff lunch.

Educational Qualification

  • MBA in Marketing from KRF University, Perth (Australia) in 20XX
  • BBA from GTQ Institute, Liverpool (United Kingdom) in 20XX
  • High School from UOX School, Edmonton (Canada) in 20XX

Software Skills

Familiarity with basic computers like Microsoft Office, Internet and outlook express.

Rank 9th Front Desk Executive Resume Format & CV Sample


Intend to grab a Front Desk Executive job opportunity to learn and contribute in a conducive environment by utilising my potential to the maximum.

Technical Skills

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint

Experience Summary

Front Desk Executive @ KTC Inc, Canberra (Australia), Apr, XX – Present
Jr Front Desk Executive @ BBV Inc, Montreal (Canada), Oct, XX – Mar, XX

Key Result Areas

  • Maintaining the Register (Outwards & Inwards)
  • Courier Management
  • Assisting human resource and administration department.
  • Responsible for managing facility.
  • Managing communication in office through emails, notices & circulars.
  • Managing transport & cabs.
  • Managing stationary.
  • Making necessary arrangement for meetings & conferences.
  • As a Front Desk Executive, also looked after booking air tickets, hotel & cabs for employees through mobile application.


  • Post Graduation in Operations Management from TPL University, Singapore in 20XX
  • Graduation in Humanities from PYG Academy, Malaysia in 20XX

 Rank 10th Front Desk Executive Resume Format & CV Sample

Career Objective

An entry level Front Desk Executive who is willing to take on challenging assignments in the form of front desk operations.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality from JYO University, Denver (USA) in 20XX
  • Certification in Front Desk Operations from NND Institute, Brighton (UK) in 20XX


Front Desk Executive @ KBR Pvt Ltd, Jaipur (India), Aug, XX – Present

  • As a Front Desk Executive, primarily responsible for welcoming the customers and greeting & treating them professionally.
  • Managing the entire front desk activities.
  • Responsible for booking domestic as well as international air tickets.
  • Making clients feel comfortable by answering to their questions and concerns.
  • Preparing daily reports.
  • Managing courier & billing.
  • Keeping the record of all the documents as well as payments.
  • Knowledge of computers & office applications.
  • Coordinating with all the office branches & departments.
  • Coordinating with vendors for Visiting card & ID card of employees.

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office Suite, Internet and Email Applications.

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