Assistant Manager HR Resume

Assistant Manager HR Resume Format

Assistant Manager HR Resume Samples in PDF

Assistant Manager HR Resume Sample Brown

Assistant Manager HR Resume Sample Blue

Assistant Manager HR Resume Sample Purple

Assistant Manager HR Resume Sample Grey

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Assistant Manager HR Resume Samples & CV Format


A dynamic Assistant Manager HR with broad experience in managing the entire spectrum of human resource functions comprising general management, manpower planning, facilities management, personnel management, & administration.


  • More than _ years of experience as an Assistant Manager HR with hands-on exposure to strategic planning & team management.
  • Possess a sound understanding of HR processes like employee engagement & communication, performance management, talent management, etc.
  • A quintessential professional with exceptional planning, execution, monitoring, and budgeting skills, as well as the capacity to supervise simultaneous tasks under mounting pressure.


  • Team Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Manpower planning
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Derivation & Execution
  • On Boarding, Induction & Joining formalities
  • Employee Issues & Feedback Evaluation


Assistant Manager HR @ LLH Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India
Dec, XX – Present 

Assistant Manager – Human Resource @ YPU Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, India
Jul, XX – Dec, XX 

Assistant Manager HR @ BFR Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India
Mar, XX – Jul, XX


  • Ensuring a flawless recruitment and selection process like job postings, identifying the right talent, interview, reference checks, preparing weekly status of recruitment & placement, etc.
  • Salary negotiation with shortlisted candidates and making them aware of the compensation structure & increment policies.
  • Leaving no stone unturned in ensuring smooth joining formalities, on-boarding, induction, training and development, handling day to day employee issues.
  • Liaisoning with the partnered bank for salary account opening and also, informing bank authorities about resigned & terminated employees.
  • Coordinating with admin as well as IT to facilitate newbies.
  • Managing the database for annual salary review and the yearly performance appraisal analysis.
  • Attending to employee grievances and complaints concerning attendance, compensation and other issues.
  • Conducting exit interviews, analysing attrition data and partnering with senior management in order to curb attrition.
  • Laying a great deal of emphasis on developing HR processes.
  • Inculcating a culture of recognition by driving fair rewards and recognition programs.
  • Composing the new appraisal forms by coordinating with the department heads.
  • Drafting increment letters & preparing new salary structure by working closely with the accounts department & HOD.
  • Acting as one point of contact for all administrative matters like time-keeping and attendance, canteen management, maintenance, upkeep and repairs of company’s assets.
  • Managing monthly payroll statement preparation for employees of across all branches.
  • Maintaining a flawless communication system with the employees, ensuring timely resolution of employee grievances and peaceful working environment at all levels.
  • Recognizing trustworthy and cost-effective vendors for various services as well as releasing purchase order and handling purchase of materials.
  • Conducting several campus interviews across India recruiting for the various positioned from technical to non-technical.
  • As an Assistant Manager HR, also taking care of employee relation like birthdays for all the employees to uplift their overall job satisfaction.


PGDM – HRM @ GRW University, Chennai, India
Jul, XX 

BBA @ KPC College, Hyderabad, India
Nov, XX



  • Adept, Analytical & Critical thinking
  • Compliant & Adaptive
  • Considerate
  • Consistent
  • Detail Oriented
  • Leadership
  • Punctual
  • Work Ethic


Notice Period45 Days
Salary Expectation – 7 lpa
Open to RelocationYes
Communication Address – #111 Patel Street
Marital StatusSingle
Gender – Female
LanguagesEnglish, Hindi, Marathi


To be provided on request


All the information rendered are true to the best of my knowledge.

Swati Bhatia

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HR and Admin Manager Resume

HR and Admin Manager Resume Format

HR and Admin Manager Resume Samples in PDF

HR and Admin Manager Resume Sample Brown

HR and Admin Manager Resume Sample Blue

HR and Admin Manager Resume Sample Purple

HR and Admin Manager Resume Sample Grey

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HR and Admin Manager Resume Samples & CV Format


A thorough professional endeavouring a stable & challenging position as an HR and Admin Manager in a growth oriented industry, where my expertise as well as experiences will significantly add to the overall prosperity of the company & render opportunities to my career.


  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to prioritize and execute multiple projects simultaneously and work in fast paced environment.
  • HR & Admin Manager with qualitative experience and who is also well organized, enthusiastic, earnest and motivated.
  • Superintending smooth implementation of Human Resource policies for manpower planning, recruitment, selection, induction, joining & exit formality, statutory compliance, employee engagement, payroll management, CTC designing, performance management and MIS reporting.
  • An effective communicator with good interpersonal & presentation skills.
  • A compelling communicator with solid interpersonal & presentation skills nestled in the lap of an ability to multitask and operate well under mounting pressure situations.


  • Policy Framing & Implementation
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking
  • Employee & Labor Relations
  • General HR/Administration
  • Training and Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Client Relationship
  • Organizational Development
  • Welfare Activities
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Manpower Planning


Senior HR & Admin Manager @ XXX Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India
Jan, XX – Present

HR & Administration Manager @ YYY Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, India
Feb, XX – Jan, XX

Manager – HR & Admin @ ZZZ Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India
Mar, XX – Feb, XX



  • Examining & issuing of employment contract agreements, appointment letter, wage increment, incentives & bonuses, and terminations letters.
  • Managing personnel accommodations as well as cafeterias.
  • Composing & keeping employee personnel filing system up to date both physically as well as electronically.
  • Evaluating & then approving employee leaves, full and final settlements.
  • Adept in making arrangements for allocating newbies.
  • Planning payroll and remuneration related duties for all departments including the administration of related admin methods.
  • Accountable to command the process of immigration & Government related documents coordination with the Ministry of External Affairs. Arranging Work permits, Visiting Visas, Driving License, etc.
  • Obtaining & timely renewals of various statutory of the company i.e. Taxes, Insurance, EPF, TDS, ESI or any Government fee.
  • Inspecting the employee conveniences including Firm’s Guest Houses and maintaining criteria of sanitation, hygiene, & safety/security regulations in order to preserve the accommodation in healthy condition. Also, to leave no stone unturned in maintaining the well-ordered running of amenities.
  • Systemizing the joining formalities process of new joiners i.e. Welcome announcement, Introduction, Gadgets, Employee Code, Identity & access Cards, Stationery & Bank Account.
  • Maintenance of facility machinery like workstations, air conditioners, organization transports, utilities, distributor agreements, agency contracts, property & tenancy contracts.

Human Resources:

  • Developing as well as building rapport and relations with internal business managers/team leaders to formulate strategic HR Solutions.
  • Led entire spectrum of HR and Administration & guided the efforts over outlining as well as budgeting of HR and Admin expenditures & strive towards depreciating operational costs.
  • Controlling day-to-day Human Resource & Administration processes & functions comprising Compensation & benefits, Planning, Talent Acquisition/Recruitment, Employee relation, Employee retention, Staffing, Performance management, Grievance & Discipline tasks, Adherence to local labour laws, IT, Security, Housekeeping, Timekeeping, Vendor Management, Logistics and Payroll.
  • Promoting & Executing HR & Administration policies, plans and goals for the whole organization.
  • Supporting inventory accounts of firm assets, material and modernizing them regularly.
  • Updating the company’s profile, product & project information on the website’s landing page.
  • Creating & submitting to the top management all important MIS reports on the daily, weekly & monthly basis. MIS reports included Manpower situation, employee accommodation status, recruitment and payment updates.
  • Refreshing the employee manual, systems, methods, implementation and HR related forms with consent from the apex management body.
  • Tactfully handling Job costing, Keeping of debtors account, Credit Control, Catching up on all delinquent receivables.
  • Administering & consulting HR related matters with cross functional managers based on duties, tasks and goals.
  • Operating jointly with management & employees to enhance business relationships, boost morale, grow productivity and retention.
  • Overseeing, directing & coordinating with the project administration in all human resources & administration linked concerns.
  • Managing employee conferences with top executives and administrative team to address operating enigmas, budgetary affairs, technical difficulties and the state of projects & programs.
  • Conducting separation interviews and transmitting feed back to the higher management.
  • Planning HR & Administration department year-end budgets by coordinating with the finance department.
  • Skilled at running existing day-to-day activities while improving and implementing new business manoeuvrings in changing and mounting pressure circumstances, demanding the capacity to multitask & efficiently handle staff relations.

Performance & Training:

  • Outlining, regulating and coordinating training & development programs for all department employees.
  • Keeping the performance evaluation reports under scanner regularly and recognizing the area(s) of improvement followed by coordinating the coaching and training activities.
  • Supporting Line Managers to efficiently execute Performance Management System.
  • Assessing training demands for each sector, discussing with the head of the departments & managers.
  • Developing and coordinating the training programs for new recruits after orienting them with the firm’s culture, and objectives.
  • Getting training conducted at regular intervals to heighten employee skills across the business by taking the senior management into the loop. Knowing and analysing loopholes and working towards it.
  • Guiding Training system which includes, Identification of training requirements, generating a training module, planning a training program, observing its implementation & measuring its effectiveness.
  • Working in sync with top management to identify, promote and execute training and development programs in line with the company’s aspirations.
  • Planning and maintaining a practice of evaluating trainers by monitoring the programs and implementing an unbiased feedback ecosystem.
  • Devising performance management tool based on performance & behaviour model for all staffs.
  • Setting up the skeleton for performance counselling and for recognizing individual career paths.
  • Developing and executing the performance appraisal system for the organization & coordinating it with the supervisors.

Employee Relation:

  • Injecting suitable disciplinary efforts to maintain congenial working atmosphere across all employee levels.
  • Coordinating counselling programs to the employees to learn the absenteeism metabolism and driving disciplinary actions to curb it.
  • Implementing employee welfare policies.
  • Managing all employee relations concerns within the firm.
  • Making sure that employee queries regarding pay discrepancies or any other valid concern are addressed and resolved within optimal turnaround time.
  • Encouraging a zero tolerance atmosphere for all kinds of harassments.

Recruitment & Selection:

  • Led entire recruitment process including sourcing strategy; interviewing; reference checking; rolling out offers to applicants; managing and delivering induction training for the new hires.
  • Creating and transmitting precise & concise monthly MIS reports of departmental activities to the Top Management.
  • Preparing recruitment advertisements, job portal postings, specifications for external recruitment vendors, job descriptions & likewise materials in accordance with the firm’s hiring standards and business requirements.
  • Driving complete recruitment life-cycle for sourcing the cream talent out of various sources and colluding human resource specifications in consultation with various operative and functional areas.
  • Analysing suggestions of all department for manpower requirements and recommending them to the apex management for approval.
  • Managed open-ended associations with internal clients as well as external recruitment agencies to assure the company gets competent standards of service.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Directing the circulation of written and verbal information to educate employees of benefits, compensation, and policies.
  • Administering researchers to analyse the prevailing compensation trends, renewing policies and practices to assure the firm’s competitive place in the industry.
  • Keeping attendance details for the entire workforce to recognize LWP (Leave without pay) deductions and accomplishing mandatory insurance as well as medical cover formalities.
  • Streamlining various compensation systems being governed in the company and establishing a joint Compensation and Benefit structure in sync with market trends.
  • Monitoring timely update of employee records like personal details, position, remuneration, other allowances, appraisal results, leave records, training & awards.
  • Handling the entire company ERP based payroll system.
  • Rolling out fresh compensation & benefits policies for employees and altering them as per necessity & assuring that programs are currently competitive along with being in compliance with legal provisions.
  • Launching and operating several employee benefits, like Housing, Insurances, Occupational Health Centre, Transport, Annual vacations, Get-togethers, Airfare, Sports & Cafeteria.

Manpower Planning:

  • Keeping an up to date company chart at all times comprising manpower requirements respective line of businesses.
  • Supervising approvals of employees’ leave requests and securing the proper replacement.
  • Defining Human Resource metrics & Manpower forecast for the future business strategy of the company.
  • Engaging in project work as needed to promote HR systems, methods and practices.
  • Devising and planning leave calendar of all personnel in the Projects.
  • Managing personnel related problems of contract manpower in liaison with Line Managers.
  • Assuring that corporate development tools are adequately utilized to intensify leadership skills.
  • Improving expected manpower planning for the new or upcoming projects in coordination with various departmental heads.
  • Developing HR strategy which reckons short as well as long term manpower projection for the corporation taking into account anticipated growth and new projects, by learning the business plan.
  • Organizing material and manpower requirements for various jobs in the manufactory including emergency & unplanned jobs.
  • Strategizing for employees exit schedule & arranging for suitable replacements.
  • Leaving no stone unturned in obtaining mandatory certifications like Trade Test, Third party certifications, Safety and any other documents as per the Client & project specifications.

Vendor Management:

  • Driving all classification programs for vendors.
  • Keeping healthy working relationships with various Vendors.
  • Assuring quality services from vendors and managing precise records for each specific vendor.
  • Overseeing all procurement activities and issuing important purchase orders, contract agreements, verification of invoices as well as bills.
  • Administering all agreements and developing initiatives for enterprises.


  • Regulating transportation of needed materials to job sites for routine and shutdown work.
  • Ensuring that all drivers and operators adhere to the work schedule.
  • Reaching effectiveness and pushing the costs down if possible.
  • Controlling all site vehicles as well as tools and scheduling as per the project’s necessity.
  • Keeping, refreshing and tracking of renewals prior to getting expired, that is, vehicle registration, insurance, drivers & operator’s license, project entry passes, vehicle examination & general services.
  • Running & supervising site logistics with the plethora of drivers and Operators. Administering employees’ transportation, site specification and delivering goods safely and on time to the destination.

Safety & Health:

  • Coordinating with Safety and Health Team to carry out Safety awareness meetings on regular basis.
  • Executing Policies and Procedures to safeguard various premeditated measures to possibly avert any kind of hazards.
  • Actively involved in the development of health, safety and environmental performance concerning exploration as well as production activities.

Strategic Planning:

  • Making absolutely sure of compliance to HR Policy is followed religiously come what may.
  • Reviewing and consolidating business internal controls & procedures.
  • Designing and sustaining constant growth conditions for all HR Activities within the organization.
  • Planning yearly HR strategy for the company in liaison with the top management. Monitoring the progress against the plan & briefing the apex management about it.
  • As an HR and Admin Manager, also responsible for ensuring compliance with Regulations, Laws and other mandatory requirements.


MBA (HR & Marketing) @ PPM University, Pune, India
Jun, XX

B.Com @ XYP College, Chandigarh, India
Aug, XX


  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • MS Access
  • Microsoft Project
  • Internet & Intranet
  • MS Axapta


  • Active as well as proactive
  • Self-motivated & Determined
  • Disciplined, Punctual, Dependable and maintain apex level of confidentiality
  • Decision Making
  • Powerful Leadership skills
  • Compliant & Adaptable


Notice Period – 45 Days
Salary Expectation – Negotiable
Open to Relocation – Yes
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #444 Thakre Street, Pune
Phone – 9944XXXXXX (Call between 3 pm to 6 pm)
Email –
Marital Status – Single
Gender – Male
Languages – English, Hindi, Marathi


Will be more than happy to furnish on request.


All the data stocked above are accurate to the best of my understanding.

Mahesh Rane

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HR Generalist Resume

HR Generalist Resume Format

HR Generalist Resume Samples in PDF

HR Generalist Resume Sample Brown

HR Generalist Resume Sample Blue

HR Generalist Resume Sample Purple

HR Generalist Resume Sample Grey

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Download Editable Version of HR Generalist Resume Samples in docx

HR Generalist Resume Samples & CV Format


A dynamic HR Generalist professional endeavouring a challenging position that requires the thorough use of inherent talent, will and skill to achieve demonstrated results.


  • A result-driven HR Generalist professional with _ years of comprehensive experience.
  • An able problem solver and sharp strategist with great analytical abilities & a broad skill set.
  • Adept in handling event reports, preparing and delivering presentations.
  • A passionate learner, dedicated to obtaining the constant understanding of diverse industries, corporations, their functions and market synopsis.
  • Profound knowledge of Employee Relations, HRIMS, Talent Acquisition, Payroll Management, Statutory Compliances and General Human Resource administration with a sense to heighten sound work culture within the business.
  • Exposure to a large-scale spectrum of HR Generalist Functions concerning human resource management.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, communication, negotiation and analytical skills with solid organizational as well as team building capabilities.


  • Compensation, Benefits & Payroll
  • Employee Engagement & Relations
  • Review / Update of HR Systems
  • Induction and Separation
  • Statutory Compliance
  • ISO Standards
  • Performance Management System (PMS)
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Training & Development
  • Vendor Management
  • Database Management
  • General Human Resource Administration


Senior HR Generalist @ XXZ Pvt. Ltd, Delhi, India
Feb, XX – Present

HR Generalist @ ZYY Pvt. Ltd, Noida, India
Mar, XX – Dec, XX

Human Resource Generalist @ XYY Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, India
Apr, XX – Jun, XX


Compensation, Benefits & Payroll:

  • Holding plethora of experience in handling payroll process using Excel as well as Tally ERP.
  • Successfully managed Payroll of over 400 employees.
  • Also, managing leave records, deductions of PF, ESI, Income Tax, and other deductions of employees.
  • Preparing the wages report and concluding them by coordinating with the accounting team. Also, updating CTC database & MIS reports.
  • Full & Final Settlement of ex-employees.
  • Handling Employee Queries related to Pays, Advance, Reimbursements Etc.

Employee Engagement & Relations:

  • Leaving no stone unturned in resolving tickets which are submitted in the work or to do list.
  • Answering inquiries of the joiners concerning their joining, pay, location & relevant matters etc. Liaising with Centre Heads and Recruiters for timely closure of queries. Improving mechanism for efficient employee query resolution.
  • Also, maintaining elements like Employee discipline, grievance, and motivation to keep cordial employee relations.
  • Coordinating Annual day celebration, Birthday Wishes, Rewards and Recognition.
  • Employee counselling & problem-solving.

Review / Update of HR Systems:

  • Formulating, renewing and reviewing Job Description documents for all the positions across various functions in sync with the respective HODs.
  • Maintaining attendance, MIS and New Joinee report. Also, Preparing full & final Settlement Report for the ex-employees. Providing the details to the Head of the Human Resources at frequent intervals.
  • Securing the employees file & ensuring maximum confidentiality of their personal information or documents.


  • Guiding the team in implementation of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
  • Handling updates & management of Employee Attendance, Leave Record, etc. on HRIS.
  • Updating manpower chart and recruitment status.
  • Efficiently keeping records and maintaining employee database by updating their personal files on time.

Induction and Separation:

  • Obtaining the new joiners report for the candidates scheduled to become employees.
  • Driving the first level of verification checks by getting in touch with the background verification team, recruiters & candidates.
  • Resolving any concerns pertaining to non-submission of documents or for any other reasons.
  • Coordinating with Hospital(s) for pre-employment medical checks.
Onboarding & Orientation:
  • Onboarding of lateral joiners comprising Top management profiles (CEO, Vice President, MD, Executive Directors etc), Interns, Campus Recruits & all other On-site hires.
  • Managing the thorough end-to-end documentation of all the new joiners. Executing the secondary level of verification checks by consulting the verification team, recruiters & candidates. Settling any ‘on hold’ employment and ensuring a stable overall onboarding.
  • Generating Employee IDs across all branches, nationally as well as internationally, with the help of SAP tools. Also, ensuring its timely issue.
  • Coordinating with all the functions to shape up the ‘on boarding’ formalities in sync with the plan.
  • Ensuring smooth facilitation of work gadgets like laptops, tablets, phones, or other related devices for Middle and Senior level joiners.
  • Coordinating with the bank representative for accomplishing the salary account opening formalities.
  • Facilitating the official email activation for joiners.
  • Coordinating with the Admin department to drive logistics, transport & security to the new joiners.
  • Managing Induction programs across all branches and for all joiners.
  • Arranging for a session with the top executives so that the mission of the business is delivered the best way from the horse’s mouth itself.
  • Driving smooth separation process for resigned employee so that the name of the firm stays clean in the industry.
  • Taking exit interview feedback and passing the valid ones to the human resources senior management.
  • Also, issuing the relieving letter and executing the full & final settlement.

Statutory Compliance:

  • Ensuring lawful stand while executing all Government statutory laws.
  • Also, making sure of timely submission of returns in sync with various Statutory Laws.

ISO Standards:

  • Adept in handling ISO documentation and undergoing both Internal and external audits.
  • Efficiently Implementing various ISO’s concerning the human resource management.
  • Trained on internal audit for quality management system by specialists.

Performance Management System (PMS):

  • Successfully implementing the Performance Management System.
  • Driving the whole documentation of Performance Management System
  • Managing the appraisal and career advancement.
  • Assisting Head of HR in framing KRA, scheduling appraisal meetings, drafting/issuing of appraisal letter and updating ratings on HRIMS.

Talent Acquisition:

  • Handling the complete recruitment life cycle & recognizing manpower requirements of various departments of the company.
  • Planning human resource requirements in sync with the Senior HR Management of the organization.
  • Screening the resume or CV as per the job description as well as allotted skillset prerequisites.
  • Coordinating the various rounds of interview for the shortlisted candidates.
  • Negotiating & possibly finalizing remuneration for selected candidates. Keeping the HR Manager in the loop and accomplishing joining formalities of the selected candidates.
  • Briefing the recruitment agencies on the job description and exact manpower requirements to avoid any disagreement later.
  • Conducting the reference checks & driving background verification of newbies.

Training & Development:

  • Recognizing training needs of employees for enhancing their behavioural as well as technical soft skills.
  • Outlining and administering the training program for the company reckoning the individual needs.
  • Directing programmes to raise efficiency in operations towards the accomplishment of corporate goals.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the individual training programs by collecting feedback from staffs.
  • Evaluating the training imparted in consultation with the head of the department after the specified interval of time.
  • Customizing the existing training programmes in an attempt to minimize the gap between what was trained and what was assimilated.
  • Coordinating several training sessions based on both, the need of the business and employees.

Vendor Management:

  • Handling contract labours, security, housekeeping and courier agencies.
  • Coordinating with the vendors for payments in order to ensure that all bills are cleared on time.
  • Planning budget and preparing expense reports for all branches.
  • Drafting and Renewing service agreements for various vendors.

General Human Resource Administration:

  • Preparing & handing over of all kinds of HR related letters (i.e. offer, appointment, confirmation, transfer, experience, etc.)
  • Helping the Head – Human Resources in preparing and amending HR policy manual for the organization.
  • Keeping company property register and arranging the official email Ids, Mobile phones, Desktops, Laptops in coordinating with IT Department.
  • Processing the reimbursement of expenses claims of employees as well as the job applicants.
  • Taking care of company vehicle insurance renewals and coordinating with vendors.


MBA – Human Resource Management @ MAB University, Delhi, India
May, XX

B.A. @ DSR College, Greater Noida, India
Sep, XX


  • HRIMS – Adrenaline
  • Payroll – Saral Paypack, Tally ERP 9
  • Microsoft Office Suite – Word, PowerPoint, Excel (Pivot Table, V-Lookup etc)
  • Operating System – Windows, Linux, Macintosh
  • SAP & Synergy
  • MIS Reporting
  • Internet & Web based Applications


Notice Period – 30 Days
Salary Expectation – Negotiable
Open to Relocation – No
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #333 Junta Street, East Delhi
Phone – 9891XXXXXX (Call between 2 pm to 4 pm)
Email –
Marital Status – Married
Gender – Female
Languages – English, Hindi, Punjabi


Will be more than glad to furnish when requested.


All the information stocked above are precise to the best of my understanding.

Yachana Prakash

**If the downloaded editable version of HR Generalist resume does not show up properly on smartphone, need not panic at all. Use a PC/Laptop to edit it. It should open up properly there. Once done, save it as a pdf file before sharing it with recruiters. PDF version retains the design exactly as is, be it on a smartphone or a PC.

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HR Business Partner Resume

HR Business Partner Resume Format

HR Business Partner Resume Samples in PDF

HR Business Partner Resume Sample Brown

HR Business Partner Resume Sample Blue

HR Business Partner Resume Sample Purple

HR Business Partner Resume Sample Grey

*Refresh if unable to open

Download Editable Version of HR Business Partner Resume Samples in docx

HR Business Partner Resume Samples & CV Format


A people oriented professional with close to _ years of experience in corporate HR Business Partner functions backed by sharp communication skills with an ability to relate to people across all hierarchical levels in the firm.


  • A dynamic HR Business Partner professional with _ years of great learning experience in HRBP role.
  • Time management skills with a demonstrated ability to work precisely and quickly prioritise, harmonise and streamline duties along with concurrently managing the various other range of functions.
  • Self-driven, proficient with strong analytical skills, result-oriented & smart adaptor of change processes.
  • Efficient communicator with excellent interpersonal relationship building attributes.
  • A keen learner with constant enthusiasm to amplify competencies through comprehensive experience.


  • Talent Acquisition
  • Engagement & Management
  • HRIS
  • Joining & Separation Processes
  • Induction & Training
  • Employee Engagement
  • Bench Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • HR Audit
  • Manpower Budgeting
  • Performance Management System (PMS)
  • Implementation of QMS
  • Grievance handling
  • Employee Retention


HR Business Partner @ KVD Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India
Jan, XX – Present

Human Resource Business Partner @ HGT Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, India
Feb, XX – Jan, XX

HRBP @ PVZ Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India
Apr, XX – Feb, XX

HR Business Partner @ FRW Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India
Jul, XX – Apr, XX


HR Business Partner:

  • Partnering with business leaders to assure productive business operations to intensify the overall brand.
  • Racking brains with skill teams to forecast business objectives and generating the workforce plan.
  • Optimizing resource through sturdy compensation management process and evaluating the process by comparing it with the standard.
  • Managing people viewpoints through alliances as well as acquisitions with the help of efficient interaction.
  • Examining attrition report & employee opinion survey for several focused engagements, and progress drives.
  • Streamlining the human resource budget with the stress on requirements for remuneration analysis, training and resource optimization.
  • Sourcing resumes through job portals & referral schemes and possibly expediting the recruitment process.
  • Keeping an eye on the vacant positions in sync with talent acquisition department.
  • Clinging religiously to data quality metrics and integrity through HRIS.

Talent Management & Employee Engagement:

  • Controlling as well as operating position evaluation, promotions and wage satisfaction across all hierarchies & branches.
  • Driving the people requirement efficiently using the appropriate mix of recognised talents through IJP & external hiring.
  • Closely observing organisational reshuffle & handling likely movements.
  • Backing the salary review & compensation preparation for the entire business.
  • Evaluating the employee engagement program for the business comprising learning sessions, work life equilibrium & recreational activities.
  • Administering employee engagement survey for the entire company.
  • Encouraging initiatives, rewards & recognition to assure a salubrious work & personal life go in tandem.
  • Promoting discussion gatherings for significant business updates & information sharing within the firm.
  • Planning and drafting the half yearly HR Newsletter for staff engagement.
  • Managing and analysing processes which are critical for Talent Management drives.

OD, Learning and Development:

  • Fostering organizational change through classified harmonization and transformational methods.
  • Recognising the crucial positions and skills for career advancement across the company.
  • Adding to competency mapping, appraisal plan & training the significant talents.
  • Rendering a helping hand to the head of training in improving training curriculum & program.
  • Planning the annual training calendar in sync with top management and learning & development team.
  • Administering as well as leading training presentations at all sites of the organisation.
  • Guaranteeing closed feedback loop to assess the efficiency of the training module.
  • Helping assessment centres for the development of leadership skills.
  • Keeping a watch on & recommending ways to restrict training related expenditures.
  • Scrutinising the imparted training’s efficiency & capturing the areas where the trainees struggled.
  • Handling the orientation of management trainees & graduate engineering trainees for the steady transition.
  • Driving the internship programs for students representing elite academical institutes.
  • Maintaining the training data for the purposes of audit & HRIS.

Performance Management:

  • Managing the objective setting, mid-year reviews & annual appraisal.
  • Promoting the weekly & fortnightly people development conferences across all levels with cross functional departments.
  • Launching and aiding mentoring sessions for the workforce.
  • Assisting in recognising career opportunities as well as composing individual development plans.
  • Arranging regular formal & informal communication gatherings such as coffee sessions, town halls etc.

Talent acquisition, Recruitment, Talent Sourcing:

  • Supervising and conducting the recruitment process in general and sourcing candidates in particular.
  • Handling initial evaluations, preliminary interview rounds and offers. Also, coordinating the mobilisation and on-boarding process.
  • Practising and executing service level agreements, observing performance levels & taking remedial action as required.
  • Recognising present and projected manpower demands & proactively developing a talent supply pool.
  • Learning the nature of specifications & compose the job description.
  • Assuring cost efficient and on time fulfilment of all vacant positions with quality manpower & briefing the human resource head and HR Business partners on the updates.
  • Fostering effective consultative connections with hiring managers and among business HR team.
  • Progressing recruiting strategies in sync with business HR Manager.
  • Following talent mobility and demand in the industry. Also, assuring that manpower demand is sustained through adequate build versus buy actions to best met talent requirements.

HR Operations:

  • Execution of HR policies & systems and ensuring its adherence.
  • Examining and promoting variances in organisational systems on the need basis.
  • Following up and assuring submissions of nominations for various training and certification programs on the national level.
  • Ensuring on time transmission of data to the finance for processing accurate & precise payroll and compliances (EPF) to guarantee steady business transactions.
  • Securing seamless and compelling processes like recruitment, induction, onboarding, confirmations, and separations.
  • Preparing human resource budgets concerning new hires, training and related employee welfare activities.
  • Administering leave and overtime reports for employees across all production units in the country.
  • Finding out effective measures to curb absenteeism. Also, leaving no stone unturned in promoting efficient punching of access card/biometric to capture the actual data.

HR Audit:

  • Managing human resource audit for several in-house projects.
  • Implementing several ISO based quality standards e.g. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, etc.
  • Attending HR seminars and conferences, frequently going through industry journals as well as magazines to stay updated on present trends.

Team Management:

  • Keeping a close eye on the performance of all the team members & striving towards achieving individual as well as team’s target.
  • As an HR Business Partner, also responsible for leading from the front, motivating and empowering the staff through efficient & effective communication, regular performance feedback and team building to optimise productivity.


PGDM @ FSX, Hyderabad, India
Jun, XX

B.Sc @ PNK College, Indore, India
Jul, XX


  • MS Office Suite
  • PeopleSoft
  • SAP-Payroll
  • QlikView
  • MS Outlook, Lotus & Internet Applications
  • ERP Modules


  • Analytical & Critical thinking
  • Compliant & Adaptive
  • Dependability
  • Enthusiastic
  • Logical
  • Progressive
  • Self-Motivated


Notice Period – 30 Days
Salary Expectation – 15 lpa
Open to Relocation – Yes
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #111 Patel Street
Phone – 9899XXXXXX (Call between 3 pm to 7 pm)
Email –
Marital Status – Single
Gender – Female
Languages – English, Hindi, Punjabi


All the data stocked above are true to the best of my understanding.

Swati Malhotra

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HR Director Resume

HR Director Resume Format

HR Director Resume Samples in PDF

HR Director Resume Sample Brown

HR Director Resume Sample Blue

HR Director Resume Sample Purple

HR Director Resume Sample Grey

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Download Editable Version of HR Director Resume Samples in docx

HR Director Resume Samples & CV Format


A result oriented HR Director who carries immense expertise pertaining to directing Human Resource activities across multiple industries backed by mastery in the art of people management.


  • Over _ years of experience in driving the complete range of Human Resource functions across verticals as a Director – HR.
  • Thorough experience in managing as well as controlling various HR capacities like Performance Management and Appraisal, Payroll Management, Statutory Compliance, Employee Engagement and Recruitment.
  • Expert in leading administrative activities in coordination with all the departments for stable business operations.
  • A compelling communicator with exceptional relationship building, interpersonal and strong analytical skills.
  • Adept in executing the HR policies, systems & procedures for the efficient HR operations & development.
  • Managing orientation, induction & training of the newbies.
  • Maintaining daily, weekly & monthly MIS Reports covering all HR functions across the organisation.
  • Conducting effective performance appraisal system, evaluation, performance as well as rating.
  • Organising & keeping an eye on open forums to render a push forward to the degree of satisfaction embedded in employees.
  • Carrying out reward and recognition activities to acknowledge the efforts put in by performers & to also motivate the average performers to get rewarded the next time around.
  • Handling resignation, exit formalities and full & final settlements.


  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Talent Management
  • Recruitment
  • Vendor Management
  • Manpower Planning
  • Strategic/Consulting
  • Industrial Relation
  • Administration
  • Induction & Orientation
  • Timekeeping and Document Control
  • Reward & Recognition
  • MIS Reports
  • Employee Engagement


HR Director @ KBT Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India
Nov, XX – Present

Human Resource Director @ FGA Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India
Jan, XX – Nov, XX

Director HR @ AJA Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, India
Jun, XX – Jan, XX



  • Rendering leadership and direction to departmental heads, senior management team as well as human resource team in the implementation of statutory compliance, several business initiatives, and all issues pertaining to them.
  • Engaging as a key member of the senior leadership team, representing Human Resource in board conferences and contributing towards business plan as well as initiatives in sync with top business leaders.
  • Presenting strategic & operational insight to the business leadership team, pertinent to specific HR initiatives like attrition and retention management, compensation, talent management, talent acquisition and change management.
  • Promoting constant development along with cultivating a positive as well as professional culture across the diverse locations of the company.
  • Recognising the unique and continually altering business requirements across different locations, driving change and improving the use of innovative models in connection with the industry practice.
  • Reacting to invariably evolving global as well as local environmental conditions and requirements comprising legal, political, or economic spheres.
  • Supervising the complete recruitment and other statutory requirements for recently opened centres across the globe.
  • Building efficient functioning relationships with business partners which help HR professionals to go the extra mile while rendering support.

Talent Management:

  • Planning wage model for the company based on key result areas followed by mapping resources post taking into account all national as well as international legislations.
  • Setting crystal clear path for career enhancement and rendering direction to managers in planning long term as well as the short term career development program for the workforce.
  • Building and rolling out KRAs for the business and making absolutely sure about respective line managers briefing their teams on it.
  • Setting the whole performance appraisal review & streamlining the various processes for the annual appraisal cycle.
  • Strategising & implementing performance improvement programs for below par performers and keeping their performance under the scanner.
  • Recognising training needs and conducting leadership/technical/soft skills training for the team.
  • Composing Employee Rewards and Recognition Program and motivating professionals to perform and get rewarded.
  • Launching collaborative programs for higher employee engagement with all level meets, town hall, fun activities etc.


  • Managing the daily human resource activities, assuring all escalations are addressed in the best possible manner and driving a performance-oriented team.
  • Assuring accurate MIS management comprising leave, payroll, new recruits, allocation of projects, bench data, attendance, exit data, attrition analysis, etc.
  • Authorising signatory for statutory compliance under the various labour laws like PF, ESIC etc.
  • Maintaining equilibrium between the requirements of the company and HR policies, procedures, and legal obligations.
  • Monitoring, analysing and developing entire Employee Life Cycle along with ensuring HR Audit and compliance.


  • Recognizing gaps in resources and leaving no stone unturned in addressing them followed by striving for hiring quality candidates as new employees.
  • Working in sync with business leaders for describing key skills and qualities for all presently vacant positions.
  • Planning as well as implementing the most efficient and still cost effective campus hiring drives.
  • Guaranteeing pay equality within the company assuring it to be in sync with industry’s remuneration range.

Employee Retention:

  • Rendering suggestions to line managers on retaining the quality manpower for a reasonably longer tenure.
  • Shaping up rewards and recognition strategy in a way that it rejuvenates tenured employees for a prolonged stay.
  • Conducting market research to recognise if the company is on par with likewise leaders in terms of compensation & benefits, incentives & other non-wage compensation, etc.

Industrial Relation:

  • Resolving interpersonal issues by giving adequate opportunity to both the parties to present their points.
  • Supervising all disciplinary procedure like suspension, termination, show cause notice, etc.
  • Building a good rapport with the union in order to possess an ability to win negotiations if any.
  • Attending all legal institutions like labour courts & industrial tribunals proceedings representing the management followed by briefing them.
  • Managing all labour concerning issues and ensuring execution of labour welfare activities.

Statutory Compliance:

  • Ensuring statutory compliance requiring liaison with government bodies, external agencies & labour courts.
  • Maintaining record keeping activities & generating various HR reports for reviewing and enhancing the policies.

Salary Administration:

  • As an HR Director, also responsible for outlining the salary structure for the employees in consultation with payroll manager.
  • Formulating and implementing schemes for incentives on an individual or team performance.


MBA @ MDO University, Mumbai, India
Aug, XX

BBA @ ZGA College, Noida, India
Oct, XX


  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Lotus
  • Microsoft Project
  • Tally ERP
  • SAP HR
  • Job boards
  • HRIS Software


  • Active & Proactive
  • Attentive
  • Compliant & Adaptive
  • Considerate
  • Consistent
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Punctual


Notice Period – 45 Days
Salary Expectation – Negotiable
Open to Relocation – Maybe
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #222 Patel St
Phone – 8820XXXXXX (Call between 3 pm to 7 pm)
Email –
Marital Status – Married
Gender – Male
Languages – English, Hindi, Marathi


Mr K Taneja 993489YYYY
Ms V Sharma 809012XXXX


All the information rendered are true to the best of my knowledge.

Gaurav Bhatia

**If the downloaded editable version of HR Director resume does not show up properly on smartphone, need not panic at all. Use a PC/Laptop to edit it. It should open up properly there. Once done, save it as a pdf file before sharing it with recruiters. PDF version retains the design exactly as is, be it on a smartphone or a PC.

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HR Fresher Resume

HR Fresher Resume Format

HR Fresher Resume Samples in PDF

HR Fresher Resume Sample Brown

HR Fresher Resume Sample Blue

HR Fresher Resume Sample Purple

HR Fresher Resume Sample Purple

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Download Editable Version of HR Fresher Resume Samples in docx

HR Fresher Resume Samples & CV Format


An ambitious, persistent & humanitarian HR Fresher who recently hatched out of a renowned B school with an aim to cement feet in the field of Human Resources.


  • An HR Fresher with over 6 months of learning experience as a management trainee.
  • Curious & proactive about learning how various operations of Human Resources work.
  • New in HR but adept in people management as exhibited in college fest & extra-curricular.
  • Always ready for going the extra mile to embed the X factor to the work.
  • Observed the various divisions of Human Resources like recruitment, interview, payroll, rewards & recognition while employed as HR Management trainee.


  • Positive Attitude
  • Quick Assimilator
  • Problem solver
  • Effective Communicator
  • Resume Sourcing
  • Interview coordination
  • Follow ups
  • Induction
  • Joining formalities


HR Management Trainee @ AAA Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India
Jul, XX – Dec, XX


  • Filtering CV and downloading them using prominent portals & sharing them with Sr HR Executive.
  • Sending email invitations to shortlisted profiles and scheduling them for the interview.
  • Coordinating telephonic & face to face rounds of interview.
  • Following up with the shortlisted candidates a day before the further rounds of interview with an intent to confirm their presence in the premises as per the schedule.
  • Seeking feedback from interviewers and passing them on to the candidates & briefing them on the next level if any.
  • Rendering presentation to the new joiners on company’s establishment, history, achievements & mission.
  • Rendering a helping hand to the bank representatives in collecting the forms as well as guiding on ‘how to questions.
  • Assisting the payroll team in circulating printed salary slips to the employees across all functions in the company.
  • Hearing the employee grievances and getting them addressed by the human resource manager with optimal turnaround time.
  • Assisting assistant manager in designing presentation slides, new joiner handbook and rewards & recognition flyers.
  • Escorting the HR Director & dignitaries to stage on annual day.
  • Observing different functions run under Human Resource umbrella & asking questions to the senior members of the HR team.


Master of Business Administration @ ZZH University, Pune, India
Dec, XX

B.Com @ IZK College, New Delhi, India
Oct, XX


  • Microsoft Office
  • Leading job portals
  • MIS using ms excel.
  • Presentation using PowerPoint.
  • Outlook
  • Web Applications


Notice Period – NA
Salary Expectation – 4 lpa
Open to Relocation – Yes
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #333 Patel Boulevard
Phone – 9966XXXXXX (Call between 9 am to 6 pm)
Email –
Marital Status – Unmarried
Gender – Female
Languages – English, Hindi, Tamil


Mr X Kumar 990077YYYY
Mr Y Malhotra 997722ZZZZ


The details provided above are accurate to the best of my understanding.

Nidhi Pillai

**If the downloaded editable version of HR Fresher resume does not show up properly on smartphone, need not panic at all. Use a PC/Laptop to edit it. It should open up properly there. Once done, save it as a pdf file before sharing it with recruiters. PDF version retains the design exactly as is, be it on a smartphone or a PC.

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HR Manager Resume

HR Manager Resume Format

HR Manager Resume Samples in PDF

HR Manager Resume Sample Brown

HR Manager Resume Sample Blue

HR Manager Resume Sample Purple

HR Manager Resume Sample Grey

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Download Editable Version of HR Manager Resume Samples in docx

HR Manager Resume Samples & CV Format


An HR Manager with a sound practical understanding of business needs as well as enormously efficient at incorporating creative leadership skills in order to achieve business objectives. Equipped as well as specialised in undertaking human resource projects that improve efficiency while meeting deadlines and budget requirement.


  • A competent HR Manager professional with over _ years of rich experience across all domains of human resource management.
  • Demonstrated expertise to work in sync with senior management team to integrate the human resource function within the organisation.
  • Carrying experience in the new line of businesses, high growth operations and restructuring.
  • Proven skill set in transforming & harmonizing complex and obscure ideas into an easily assimilable plan.
  • Exemplified leading from the front, time & again and inculcated a feeling of motivation and constant work towards the attainment of the firm’s goal.
  • Adept in performance assessment, recruitment, induction process, compensation management, employee welfare planning, employee retention, employee motivation, grievance handling, time office management, team management & office administration.
  • A proactive professional with outstanding communication, interpersonal and relationship management skills along with an ability to communicate effectively with personnel at all levels within the organisation.
  • Ensuring continuity as well as effective delivery of human resource functional services.


  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Training & Development
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Exit
  • Confidential Record Keeping
  • HR Department Startup
  • Event Management
  • Onboarding, Orientation & Induction
  • Employee Counseling
  • Attendance & Leave Management
  • Team Building and Morale building
  • Process Documentation
  • Payroll & Compensation
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Grievance Handling
  • Operations & Administration


Senior HR Manager @ LXT Pvt. Ltd, Gurugram, India
Mar, XX – Present

HR Manager @ LZW Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India
Apr, XX – Mar, XX 

Human Resource Manager @ PNC Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India
Oct, XX – Apr, XX


Talent Acquisition:

  • Enhancing the manpower plan in sync with the expansion strategies for all LOBs in order to formulate new hiring strategies.
  • Implementing innovative ways to engage probable candidates for future expansion.
  • Curbing average turnaround time of recruitment by smart measures at relatively lesser cost.
  • Driving campus recruitment at elite business, law and engineering colleges with an intent to hire the best of the best.
  • Leading internal hiring & guiding manpower firms on sourcing the best talents against the vacant positions.
  • Strategising human resource requirements in consultation with the various departmental heads followed by conducting selection interviews for shortlisted candidates.
  • Keeping an eye on the latest hiring trends in the industry and implementing them.
  • Coaching team members on effectively creating assessment and interview rating sheet.
  • Streamlining interview processes, managing recruitment tracker, screening of resumes, reference check, background verification, document verification and closing the position post successful salary negotiation.

Compensation Management:

  • Devising a wage model to reach compensation goals of the organization.
  • Developing salary grid in sync with the organisational hierarchy to inculcate concord in the system.
  • Drafting, designing as well as implementing attractive incentives plan to motivate staffs across all levels in the organisation with an intent to accelerate the revenue by optimising the degree of enthusiasm nestled in the work culture.
  • Examining and analysing the industry to strive equilibrium among internal equity, external equity, compliance and other objectives of pay model.
  • Designing reward and recognition plan for sales and marketing employees as an attempt to acknowledge their efforts towards the accomplishment of the organisational goals.

Training and development:

  • Designing the training and development programs for new employees, intern, management trainees and coordinating monthly, quarterly and annual training calendar in consultation with the apex management.
  • Recognising the training needs & evaluation to assure continuous learning, development of middle & senior level employees.
  • Liaising with internal & external vendors for conducting training as per schedule, and putting in efforts for enhancing training efficiency.
  • Preparing training calendar, executing training as per schedule, maintaining records and analysing the feedback.

Performance Management:

  • Coordinating with all the supervisors for the performance review and setting of goals.
  • Designing new appraisal formats and driving the accomplishment of the whole appraisal process.
  • Performing salary benchmarking and analysing market standards for the existing profiles in the company.
  • Managing increments for employees and designing reward structures in consultation with respective supervisors.
  • Strategizing and timely completion of the quarterly & yearly performance review.
  • Circulating appraisal letters and documenting it in personal files of employees.
  • Defining all roles and developing job descriptions in sync with line managers.

Employee Relations & Welfare Programs:

  • Carrying out various kinds of welfare activities to boost employee morale.
  • Organising various events like staff party, birthday celebrations, and reward & recognition programs for employee’s personal satisfaction and to cement their feeling of belongingness to the organisation.
  • Planning as well as executing get-together parties and outing programs.
  • Handling grievances of employees at various levels and solving them by taking appropriate turnaround time.
  • Updating the employees about the company policies and changes if any.
  • Interacting with employees on regular basis in an attempt to motivate them to be successful in the company.
  • Fixing issues faced by employees on a daily basis ranging from salary to reimbursement queries concerning leaves and appraisals.
  • Conducting town hall session for employees where they can present their concern or question to the top management.
  • Designing as well as implementing new employee engagement program for the involvement of new recruits.
  • Launching several communication forums on the monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Accomplishing welfare measures, management & employee get together, team building etc. to intensify motivation level and productivity.
  • Formulating & implementing of employee retention policies, and analysing their progress or success while keeping the human resource head in the loop for guidance as well as enhancement.

Operation & Administration:

  • Managing issuance of the offer, appointment and increment letters as well as various certificates.
  • Preparing & updating master employee data for personnel records.
  • Maintaining HRIS (Human Resources Information System) where all information concerning employees are available at a glance.
  • Monitoring and executing human resource discipline like attendance, working hours etc. and ensuring a sound work culture within the company.
  • Coordinating with vendors for visiting cards, access cards, identification cards, birthday gifts, medicines & stationery.
  • Supervising general administrative areas like security, housekeeping etc.

Designing HR policies & Procedures:

  • Designing various human resource formats such as policies in regards to welfare health & safety, circulars, induction, PPT, etc.
  • Drafting & composing various forms, formats and reports.
  • Revising the existing policies and procedures towards both company & employee welfare.
  • Keeping a close eye on the attendance of the employees.
  • Developing innovative ideas to curb unscheduled leaves.

On Boarding & Induction Program:

  • Issuing appointment letter with brief working agreement, procedures and culture followed by the company policies to new recruits.
  • Designing the employee manual as well as Induction PPT.
  • Familiarising new joiners with the basic rules & policies of the company and introducing them with management as well as line managers.
  • Coordinating with the IT team to get official email id generated & submitting a request with the vendor for timely allotment of ID cards & access cards for joiners.
  • Getting the HR team members to collect all the mandatory documents from the new hire and maintaining employee file.
  • Giving office tour and fixing up a motivational session with top management of the organisation so that the company’s mission is transmitted in the best possible manner.

Employee Retention and Attrition Management:

  • Proactively designing retention strategies to curb the attrition for middle level and top level talent.
  • Implementing retention plans among all functions and monitoring its progress.

Employee Engagement:

  • Designing and driving employee engagement activities to increase job satisfaction and render a push forward to the behavioural skill of employees.

Visa & Ticketing Process:

  • Administering national as well as international air ticketing, hotel reservation and cab bookings for the official trips.
  • Imparting & guiding the team on visa processes.
  • Getting visa interviews scheduled with the foreign embassy.

Business Expansion:

  • Developing organisational plans & policies for the new ventures by recognising and examining the human resource related processes and best practices existing in the field.
  • Setting up human resources objectives in line with the organisational objectives and founder’s vision.
  • As an HR Manager, also responsible for driving initiatives on building healthy relationships with colleagues as well as senior management professionals specific to the new venture’s industry.


MBA – Human Resource Management @ FGY University, Bengaluru, India
Jun, XX

B.Tech @ QIE College, Mumbai, India
Oct, XX


  • Well versed with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & Power Point).
  • Microsoft Project
  • Lotus, outlook and internet job portal applications.
  • SAP HR


  • Analytical & Critical thinking
  • Compliant & Adaptive
  • Detail Oriented
  • Flexible
  • Honest & Hardworking
  • Leadership
  • Logical
  • Versatile
  • Work Ethic


Notice Period – 90 Days
Salary Expectation – Negotiable
Open to Relocation – Yes
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #444 Modi Street
Phone – 9880XXXXXX (Call between 2 pm to 7 pm)
Email –
Marital Status – Married
Gender – Female
Languages – English, Hindi, Bengali, Spanish


To be presented whenever requested.


I confirm that all the data mentioned above are absolutely correct to the best of my knowledge.

Shweta Das

**If the downloaded editable version of HR Manager resume does not show up properly on smartphone, need not panic at all. Use a PC/Laptop to edit it. It should open up properly there. Once done, save it as a pdf file before sharing it with recruiters. PDF version retains the design exactly as is, be it on a smartphone or a PC.

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Payroll Executive Resume

Payroll Executive Resume Format

Payroll Executive Resume Samples in PDF

Payroll Executive Resume Sample Brown

Payroll Executive Resume Sample Blue

Payroll Executive Resume Sample Purple

Payroll Executive Resume Sample Grey

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Download Editable Version of Payroll Executive Resume Samples in docx

Payroll Executive Resume Samples & CV Format


Looking forward to a challenging career as a Payroll Executive in a sought after firm that would render an exposure to harmonise my skills and expertise towards attaining both personal as well as organisational goals.


  • A performance driven Payroll Executive professional with _ years of qualitative experience in Compensation & Benefit, End to End Payroll, Labour Compliance, Performance Management, Leave Management System and HR Operations.
  • Adept at people management, handling employee grievances & maintaining healthy employee relations in order to maintain an amicable & healthy work ecosystem.
  • A judicious implementer with an expertise to administer & coordinate the payroll as well as employee attendance activities with the objective to meet deadlines, the accuracy of salary & related statutory compliance in sync with human resource policies and statutory framework.
  • A compelling communicator with an eternal ability to relate to people at any level of business and management.
  • Thorough working knowledge of accounting packages like SAP ERP, Ascent & Tally.


  • Payroll Management
  • Accounting
  • Developing Standards
  • Processes Management
  • Reporting Skills
  • Employment Law
  • Compensation and Wage Structure
  • Worker Compensation
  • Data Entry Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • People Management
  • Labour Compliance
  • Performance Management


Payroll Executive @ BJU Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India
Sep, XX – Present

Payroll Specialist @ SMD Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, India
Jan, XX – Sep, XX 

Payroll Executive @ GHK Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India
Mar, XX – Jan, XX


Payroll Management:

  • Responsible for entire payroll administration.
  • Handling new employee profile, salary administration, leave management, full & final settlement, CTC details, manpower reports, over time & late coming reports, absenteeism reports and PF & ESI reports.
  • Managing grievances of employees on day to day basis which may be related to payroll, increment, incentive or over time.
  • Coordinating with the finance department to ensure timely & error free payroll as well as for resolution of tax related queries.
  • Assuring prompt and satisfactory resolution of payroll related queries of all employees.
  • Complying with all statutory requirements like Income Tax on remuneration, PF, ESIC, LWF, P Tax, bonus & filling Returns.
  • Driving the Full and Final settlements of all resigned employees within the specified turnaround time in ERP.
  • Processing all types of reimbursements i.e. medical, LTA, fuel, driver & vehicle maintenance.
  • Taking care of payroll related statutory like PF, ESI, PT, gratuity, bonus and returns filling.
  • Preparing bonus payout, LTA, leave encashment and arrears.
  • Updating the salary structure in attendance and payroll software – HR ERP package.
  • Making several MIS reports on a monthly, quarterly as well as annually.
  • Managing joining formalities & salary A/c opening formalities
  • Generating the Employee codes and guiding them on login/logout process in the Bio-metric machine.
  • Extracting/analysing the attendance data from the biometric machine.
  • Ensuring the employees get their payroll grievances answered and valid ones are solved on time.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Support the team in developing and administering efficient compensation and benefits programs in accordance with the company’s reward policy.
  • Taking care of job analysis & evaluation, wage administration, compensation surveys and extracting all necessary information in order to develop compensation proposal and budgets.
  • Helping the team in designing the compensation structure of the new joiners and the existing staff as part of the yearly appraisal practice.
  • Making sure that all managers are well versed with the company’s performance management system by imparting training to them.
  • Timely processing the promotions & merit increment letters with a null error.
  • Administering the gratuity scheme, superannuation and provident fund.

Statutory Compliances:

  • Keeping as well as maintaining all forms and returns in both online and offline mode under Factories Act, EPF Act, Esic Act, Payment of Wages Act, Minimum Wages Act, LWF Act, Bonus Act, The Payment of Gratuity Act, and other related Acts under Labour Laws.
  • Liaisoning with several government departments like PF, ESIC, Labour office, Oriental insurance, LIC of India.

Time Office Activities:

  • Maintaining employee attendance in time office – SAP HR module.
  • Updating accurate personnel files for the statutory requirement like PF, ESI, superannuation, attendance & several sources of deductions and earnings.
  • Instructing new joiners about the usage of the access card and biometric system.
  • Monitoring the daily Incoming and outgoing punch of all the employees.


  • Tracking as well as managing data of manpower hiring, employee exit, salary increments, grade revisions & all other actions in employee work cycle in SAP. Also, generating reports as per the need.

Performance Appraisal:

  • Responsible for driving the entire performance appraisal process.
  • Preparation of the final increment or promotion letters and revised salary structure.
  • Ensuring timely completion as well as documentation of the entire performance appraisal process.
  • Managing and keeping the appraisal records for any future reference.

Induction and Joining:

  • Ensuring completion of joining formalities for new recruits.
  • Throwing light on company’s profile, policy, key objectives, success stories, etc. to the new employees.
  • Rendering induction presentation to new joiners and introducing them to their respective department heads as well as supervisors.
  • Receiving as well as analysing induction feedback followed by passing the most eligible ones to the top management.

HR Activities:

  • Issuing as well as circulating Offer Letters, Appointment letters, Probation Extension & Confirmation Letters, Salary Certificates and other human resource related letters.
  • Composing salary structure of the employees keeping the human resource management in the loop.
  • Interacting frequently with employees to resolve their queries or grievances.
  • Generating several MIS reports related to human resource & briefing the higher authority.
  • Accomplishing exit formalities by preparing full and final settlements.
  • Drafting as well as composing relieving letters and experience letters for ex-employees.
  • As a Payroll Executive, also responsible for handling staff welfare activities like reward recognition, birthday celebration, annual day, blood donation camp, group and personal insurance, etc.


MBA in Finance @ KRB University, Chennai, India
Feb, XX

B.Com @ GDF College, Mumbai, India
Aug, XX


  • Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel, Power Point, V Lookup, H Lookup, Pivot table
  • Paymax
  • Ascent
  • Tally
  • Saral Paypack
  • Greytip


  • Accountable
  • Active & Proactive
  • Adaptability
  • Consistent
  • Flexible
  • Honest & Hardworking
  • Team Player
  • Versatile


Notice Period – 45 Days
Salary Expectation – Negotiable
Open to Relocation – Yes
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #555 Park St
Phone – 9912XXXXXX (Call between 3 pm to 6 pm)
Email –
Marital Status – Single
Gender – Male
Languages – English, Hindi, Telugu


Mr J Chatterjee 993365ZZZZ

Ms P Sharma 933269XXXX


All the data stocked above are true to the best of my understanding.

Vipul Garg

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HR Recruiter Resume

HR Recruiter Resume Format

HR Recruiter Resume Samples in PDF

HR Recruiter Resume Sample Brown

HR Recruiter Resume Sample Blue

HR Recruiter Resume Sample Purple

HR Recruiter Resume Sample Grey

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Download Editable Version of HR Recruiter Resume Samples in docx

HR Recruiter Resume Samples & CV Format


An HR Recruiter by choice who is not just adept in sourcing, interviewing & negotiating but also leaves no stone unturned in reading between the lines to learn about the degree of seriousness embedded in the candidate for rolled out the job description.


  • Almost _ years of experience as an HR Recruiter in both technical and non-technical recruitment covering several industries.
  • Hands on experience in using all web based technologies to market the job description.
  • Taking the initial interview rounds and observing both facial expression and uttered words.
  • Briefing the shortlisted candidates on key result areas so that they’ve a thorough understanding of the role and hence the possibility of later disagreements get minimized too.
  • Relationship building with potential interviewees for strengthening their presence as per the schedule of an interview as well as for generating references for the resume database.
  • Immensely experienced in convincing the shortlisted candidates on accepting the rolled out offer by throwing light on the non-salary benefits and feel good factors.


  • IT/Non-IT Recruitment
  • Job Boards
  • Telephonic Interview
  • Face to face Interview
  • Interviewing over the Skype
  • Filtering CVs using keywords
  • Composing Job description
  • Briefing interviewees on KRA
  • Follow ups
  • Salary Negotiation
  • MIS
  • Relationship Building


Senior HR Recruiter @ UYJ Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, India
Feb, XX – Present

HR Recruiter @ PIV Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India
Aug, XX – Feb, XX 

HR Recruiter @ XRL Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India
Oct, XX – Aug, XX


Understanding Job Description:

  • Attending the KRA briefing session conducted by the head of recruitment.
  • Going through the JD multiple times for a better understanding.
  • Googling the specific profile jargons to strengthen the job role awareness.
  • Approaching the supervisor for clearing doubt(s).

Sourcing profiles:

  • Making use of all prominent technology portals to source the best candidates.
  • Sending Linkedin connection requests to eligible profiles with reference to the job roles description.
  • Logging back in at frequent intervals to check Linkedin connection request acceptance notification.
  • On acceptance, sending the private message as well as updating the job note as the status on Linkedin.
  • Keeping an eye on responses or comments on Linkedin.
  • Posting jobs on leading portals like Naukri, Indeed & Monster.
  • Filtering resumes based on keywords and approaching those possible candidates through phone or email.
  • Working closely with graphic designers for attractive advertisement banners with the job opening’s snippet.
  • Ensuring with the digital marketing team about the correct resume upload landing page on clicks.


  • Sharing sourced resumes with senior members of the team & with the help of their suggestions, curtailing the list of resumes to the best ones.
  • Pasting the job description on email’s body followed by suffixing request to call on the official phone number during the mentioned time.
  • Ending the email content with a humble request to go through the job description clearly before contacting.
  • Ensuring that all incoming calls are answered to avoid any chance of missing on communicating with the right one.
  • Beginning the call by greeting, introduction and branding.
  • Asking them for any questions or clarifications and answering them.
  • Giving a short summary about the role and fixing up an appointment for the interview.

Follow ups:

  • Being in touch with the shortlisted candidates on the eve of the interview schedule.
  • Probing with the ones who sound comparatively less interested and seeking reasons.
  • Putting in an effort to convince and motivate the less interested ones to attend the interview.
  • Requesting them to ask for me at the company’s reception.


  • Taking their first round of interview and coordinating the selected one’s written or technical round of interview.
  • Arranging for interview rounds with the senior management.
  • Meeting them for feedback after the interview round gets over.
  • Negotiating salaries with those who get the green signal from the conductors of their ultimate round.”


  • Updating the tracker and rendering presentation to the head recruiter about those who accepted the offer.
  • Also, updating a separate tracker for those who declined the offer based on salary and approaching them when a better remuneration is offered in near future.
  • Updating the reference sheet on excel.

Relationship Building:

  • Getting in touch with joiners a few times in the first two months to learn if they’re pleased.
  • As an HR Recruiter, also responsible for sharing their concerns, if any, with their respective line managers in an attempt to curb the possible attrition.


PGPM – HRM @ HDC University, Chennai, India
Aug, XX

BBA @ DBG College, Hyderabad, India
Dec, XX


  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • All Popular Job Portals
  • Skype
  • Outlook, Lotus
  • MIS (V lookup)


Notice Period – 30 Days
Salary Expectation – Negotiable
Open to Relocation – Yes
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #666 Modi Boulevard
Phone – 9886XXXXXX (Call between 4 pm to 6 pm)
Email –
Marital Status – Unmarried
Gender – Female
Languages – English, Hindi, Kannada


To be provided on request.


All the information rendered are true to the best of my knowledge.

Vinisha Chhabra

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Training and Development Manager Resume

Training and Development Manager Resume Samples in PDF

Training and Development Manager Resume Sample Brown

Training and Development Manager Resume Sample Blue

Training and Development Manager Resume Sample Purple

Training and Development Manager Resume Sample Grey

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Download Editable Version of Training and Development Manager Resume Samples in docx

Training and Development Manager Resume Samples & CV Format


A proficient, skilled and persistent Training and Development Manager with thorough experience in decoding and enhancing human behaviour & aptitude, delivering training sessions, composing and designing courses, motivating the workforce and leading a team of passionate trainers from the front.


  • An astute professional with over _ years of quality experience as Training and Development Manager flowing across technical, soft skill as well as management training.
  • Cross-sectoral experience in people development, performance management, skills development & capacity building.
  • Avidly interested in examining & executing innovative techniques and progressions in the field of training to cement a solid base for trainees to become effective professionals.
  • Adaptable to working individually or leading a team to ensure results are delivered either way.
  • Self-motivated and passionate mentor with an exemplary managerial skill set.
  • Vision to develop a culture of self-learning and development across the company.


  • Learning & Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Training need assessment
  • Train the trainer Programs
  • Certification & Evaluation process
  • Interpersonal Communication, Presentation Skills & Public Speaking
  • Competency Mapping & Development
  • Content creation and Management
  • Sales & Customer service training
  • Etiquette Enhancement & Grooming
  • HR – Audit, Compliance, Policy, Project Management and Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Project Management
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Knowledge Management Programs


Training and Development Manager @ YRA Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India
Jun, XX – Present

Learning and Development Manager @ BBM Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India
Sep, XX – Jun, XX

Training & Development Manager @ PRT Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India
Jul, XX – Sep, XX


Training and Development:

  • Broad familiarity with competency mapping, OD process, employee engagement surveys, leadership development, succession planning etc.
  • Developing content for all behavioural modules to be rolled across various functions comprising service excellence, customer service with the emphasis on attitude, email etiquette, body language, grooming, telephone etiquette, communication skills, leadership, coaching, managerial Skills, etc.
  • Examining customer care & sales feedback data to suggest training needs.
  • Administering a pre-training needs analysis prior to every presentation delivery to assure that the training content is customised to accommodate the requirements of every section.
  • Assessing needs and designing training model for the domain, soft Skills & technical training.
  • Routinely communicating with apex management, human resource leadership and employees to identify learning and development needs within the company and implementing customised training and development programs.
  • Enhancing training programs to match constantly changing requirements and preference of firm as well as its clients.
  • Creating, designing & developing training content to be delivered by regional trainers & HR, and conducting a TTT (train the trainer).
  • Distinguishing internal trainers and subject matter experts and groom them to be a future trainer.
  • Keeping an eye on the performance of trainers and trainees and transmitting feedback to their respective supervisors.
  • Managing certification processes & implementing evaluation means in order to drive a robust feedback as well as tracking system on product knowledge and skills of all the trainees.
  • Designing appropriate audits and other evaluation measures to observe the efficiency of the imparted training.
  • Overseeing the content designing team and collecting feedback from trainers in order to develop interactive & high-quality training modules.
  • Providing guidance on technical writing & layout.
  • Rendering expert guidance on technical writing/layout.
  • Monitor trainer and trainee performance and provide feedback to respective managers.
  • Creating training calendars, MIS report & annual training budget.
  • Building training standard operating procedures, questionnaires, checklists and forms that come under the range of training.
  • Make absolutely sure that training programs meet company policies, security & audit guidelines.
  • Ensuring internal training portals are updated regularly.
  • Administering employee induction/orientation, ensuring that all new joiner, as well as veteran employees, receive proper orientation regularly.
  • Explaining job description and human resource policies to all new joiners at the induction process.
  • Briefing about the firm and its mission as well as objectives.
  • Outlining on the job training program for all newbies depending on their designation and KRA.
  • Driving feedback process for all levels of the organisation and coordinating as well as recommending coaching sessions based on the areas of improvement.

Strategic Human Resources:

  • As a Training and Development Manager, also responsible for managing the implementation of corporate policies in the business.
  • Formulating a strategic HR response to organisational change and development, in consultation with the head of learning & development.


MBA @ PXT University, Bengaluru, India
Feb, XX

BCA @ LLH College, Pune, India
Sep, XX


  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (presentation)
  • Advanced excel (VBA Macros)
  • Microsoft project
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Flash


  • Amiable
  • Analytical & Critical thinking
  • Attentive
  • Compliant & Adaptive
  • Considerate
  • Detail Oriented
  • Flexible
  • Innovative
  • Leadership
  • Punctual


Notice Period – 45 Days
Salary Expectation – 14 lpa
Open to Relocation – Depends
Passport – Yes
Communication Address – #777 Singh Street
Phone – 9899XXXXXX (Call between 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm)
Email –
Marital Status – Married
Gender – Male
Languages – English, Hindi, Punjabi


Ms A Adhikari 770032XXXX
Ms M Sehgal 886600YYYY


I confirm that all the data mentioned above are absolutely correct to the best of my knowledge.

Sachin Sehgal

**If the downloaded editable version of Training and Development Manager resume does not show up properly on smartphone, need not panic at all. Use a PC/Laptop to edit it. It should open up properly there. Once done, save it as a pdf file before sharing it with recruiters. PDF version retains the design exactly as is, be it on a smartphone or a PC.

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