6 Easy Resume Tips For Winning Any Job Interview Seat

6 Easy Resume Tips For Winning Any Job Interview Seat

After reading this article, you should be able to keep yourself in the shoes of a recruiter and think like her. That’s all required. Let’s dive right in and learn six awesome resume writing tips for success!

Resume Tip: #1 ~ Think logically

No. You ain’t getting paid just for sharing your resume. It’s not a sample for resume writing services. Rather a token to your bread & butter. No point wasting time on designing or making it appear like an advertising banner.

Guess what? You can even get a job at Google with a simple black & white resume with texts taking up major portion. What does it mean then? Textual content is the real king! It rules the roost. But, adding fancy toppings like graphics, logos, etc will only get your resume landed in a no man’s land.

In a way to thinking logically, let’s analyse the adverse effects of a fancy resume. The fancier the resume, the heavier the document file! Who knows if it’s really landing in recruiters’ inbox or spam folder?

Email spam detection algorithm often marks a relatively heavier document file as possible spam or a source of computer virus. As a result, the probability of getting your application email noticed dips a great deal.

Resume Tip: #2 ~ Do your little homework before sending your resume accross

Majority of resume owners who complain about not hearing back are the ones who send their resume blindly to a list of email addresses. Your job is like a key to fulfilling most of your necessities. Why not take a pause and do a bit of homework?

Resume shortlisting stage is like a pre interview. It should be connected to a given job description. The next obvious question then is, how do you bridge the gap between a job description and your resume?

  • First things first, go through the job description a few times.
  • Hop back to your resume and highlight the common elements. Example: If the description for job talks about a specific industry and you’ve it, add a line under profile summary positioned not too far from the top. You can even go the extra mile and bold it.
  • Another example can be a requisite of frequent international movement. Add a line on resume about your willingness to travel internationally at a short notice. Make it eye catchy by making use of an underline or bold.
  • Draft a short and crisp email comprising summary of ‘points of similarities’ between your resume and their job description.

Resume Tip: #3 ~ Render an effortless reading experience

The reading tendency is usually from left to right, while going from top to bottom. Columns of a resume confuses a reader. What to read first and which one to go next?

Moreover, a couple of columns may be skipped unintentionally while the readers/reviewers move from top to bottom of one column and go further down to another one and not the one parallel to the last column read.

Another key characteristic of an easy readability is content positioning. Being able to find the desired piece of information at the right place will pamper any recruiter’s thought process. Where do you position information like education, experience, responsibilities, etc?

First things first! What’s the document categorised as? A Resume, right?


Your name is as old as you. It’s one of the first things which happened to you. It’s how you are addressed.


Donald Smith

Whay if in the middle of reviewing your resume, a hirer wishes to recall your name? The usual reflexive tendency is to scroll to the top. There you go! Likewise for contact information as well.


Donald Smith

Next is profile summary. Some call it a career summary or a professional summary. What’s about it? Well, this is the stepping stone to establishing similarities between your resume and a job description. 

Bold the keywords to grab attention and thus project relevance instantly. You may also want to club a few lines of professional achievements. Be it surpassing sales target, winning the top employee award or anything impressive!


Donald Smith


By now, recruiters reviewing your resume will begin to feel its compatibility to the JD. However, some may still prefer checking on your academic eligibility or IT skills before digging deeper.


Donald Smith




The employer by now is pretty sure of you being an elligible applicant. Now is the time they would like to dig deeper into the key result areas or responsibilities you shouldered recently. Yes, recently. If you’re positioning yourself for a job of a Senior Manager, they would be least interested in learning about what exactly you did when you made your debut, a decade ago.

The right approach would be to mention a snapshot of all your experiences in reverse chronological order first, followed by throwing some light on recent duties. Frame the sentences as if it’s written by a human. Don’t appear mechanical.

A Big No

To manage calendar for the CEO

To book airline tickets for the CEO


Managed the CEO’s calendar as well as travel itinerary.


Donald Smith






Resume Tip: #4 ~ Go the extra mile

Do you want employers to respond for fixing up an interview? Or do you want them to respond just to seek information? The choice is yours. As they say, the ball is for sure in your court.

Here comes a list to additional information you may choose to display on your resume.

Notice Period: You may well be tied up to serve a few months after putting down papers.

Salary Expectations: It’s advisable to mention a range if you’re not quite open to negotiation. A simple formula for ‘no loss way’ to go about it.

Minimum of Range = Maximum you desire

For instance: If I reasonably long for 50 K an year, I should mention the range as

Salay Expectations: 50 – 55K per annum

Worst case scenario will still get you what you desire. Rest will all be a bonus.

Project Annexure: If your recent experience involved some critical projects, you may well mention them. If you’re a fresher from an engineering or management background, you can mention about the project as well.

Resume Tip: #5 ~ Don’t forget to proofread

Hirers always assume the resume owners as respective writers. The language will be under scanner and may speak volume about your probable oratory skills too, not just your written communication.

Top errors to look for in a resume

  • Incorrect Spelling
  • Incorrect Grammar
  • Monotonous Language

Remember, one’s written communication does give a fair bit of idea about the probable oratory skills!

Resume Tip: #6 ~ Best way to share your resume

A lot of talent acquisition professionals, these days, review resumes on the move with the help of a smartphone or a tablet. The issue is, non pdf document files have a tendency to open up with a messy and ruptured look. In other words, original format & design will not be retained in most cases. As a result,  it will pose a friction to their readability.

Always share a pdf version of your resume. If you ain’t sure about it, simply go to the top left (File) of your word processor and choose save as pdf.

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